WTB a manual reload for blunderbuss

I love the Extended Chamber perk, but I find myself “wasting” ammo to get the gun to reload, generally when I am sitting around in an invasion. I always prep the gun for the 3rd round before an attack.

It would be nice if we could have a manual reload for the blunderbuss because of this perk.


You can force a reload with sheating the weapon for about 2sec, but it feels counter intuitive.

Yea but you don’t get the 3rd round from the perk if you do that.


Interesting. I get why you would want this feature for the BB. We appreciate the feedback and I will pass this along to the Development team for review.


Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes I agree. Sucks to waste ammo. Ways around it is to sheathe it for a bit or add ammo from inventory to the ammo slot. That doesnt give the extra 3rd round though which is why I don’t take that perk because it feels like a waste.

Every OPR I die then respawn then proceed to fire two shots so I can get my 3 shots in the chamber and it’s annoying and a waste of ammo in open world pvp. It wouldn’t be overpowered to just give 3 shots always on reload.

also unequipping current ammo then putting it back in. will reload it
but also yeah, a hotkey to reload or a “passive auto reload” would be nice

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