Wtf, fix ur OPR score calculation

^title, absolutly broken … i did the most dmg on my team (400k+) 2 kills 0 deaths with my bow build and 350 points? this isnt fun anymore …

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Scores in this game are always shitty, same for wars, Healer always on top, followed by AOE Mages and maybe then the Melees but Tanks are the worst in this game. Amazon really needs to push Tanks because no one is playing tank anymore because it is totally not worth it. You nearly die as fast as the rest, especially now with all the debuffs of void and ice. Tanks need some inbuild cleansing with their standard abilities or at least as a perk to be actually useful in the game again. 18-20k hp doesn’t help shit and with all the new debuffs like pest, you are even not getting healed anymore.

So yeah points are shit and tanks are the idiots of the game. Thanks AGS.

Yep, dish 500k dmg and get rewarded with nothing. Go chop a tree and put the wood on a door and you get something. It’s just another example that whoever is in charge of NW is clueless.

You didnt upgrade any Weapons with farmed wood/leather, you dont deserve 500 points.

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