Wtf happened the last week?

After the last patch I stopped playing for one week for personal reasons and today I logged in again to do some bgs and the first impression when i was in the world was already strange.

Chat activity was very very low. No runs, no one selling nothing, almost no one saying a word excepting some people sellings mutators. I always hated this. Is the only thing I was reading in the chat the last month. People selling slots for dungeons. For me was so annoying!!! All the time the same!

Then I queue for bgs and after wait 15 min the list was of 12 people waiting. Then it went to 11 and I said OK, now is enough I check if there is something interesting in the AH and I go watch a movie.

The AH has nothing interesting. Like almost no one is selling gear.

Then I just log out, I played hots two matches and now I’m here writing this as I watch a serie in netflix.

Are you guys having the same experience?

I will try again tomorrow. Maybe today was a bad day. In general I like this game excepting in my case how the pvp is going.

Faction quests are like meaningless. Faction gear makes no sense to buy. People well geared in pvp destroys low level GS players. And bgs are full of muskets.

In my case I would like to achieve and advance in the game more only doing pvp. Like level up the expertise more quick only doing pvp (bgs). Get better gear doing pvp and etc.


yeah bro, people is leaving the game day by day… i can’t really understand where is the content in this game…

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OPR is hard to trigger during primetime, because everyone is running mutated dungeons to try and get the advantage. Check if anyone else from your company is willing to squad up and bring a few teams of your own.

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OPR’s are almost non existent on many servers since mutations/Umbral. I feel like this patch accelerated players quitting. The developers were warned…but once again…didnt listen.


December: We’ve added a new resource called Gypsum that can be acquired each day by doing 8 activities

January: We’ve added a new resource called Umbral shards that can be acquired each day by doing 1 activity: elitist, prone to toxicity mutations


What do you mean with advantage? Are you suggesting that the people that do mutators dungeons are going to be more powerful in pvp after?

Because I’m already struggling fighting people with high expertise. I don’t have time to do all the activities and I’m still around the 513 expertise as overall. I think is going to take me like a long time to leveled up considering I like mostly do OPR only.

My 610 musket did 2.4% more damage than a 600 musket in duels. They did change the PvP formula again, so maybe gear score matters less. I’m sure a YouTuber will have a video on it soon if it doesn’t exist yet.

I opened 144 OPR boxes on patch day. I went from 590 to 600 on 3/5 armor pieces, the other armor pieces bumped up to 598 and 596. My highest weapon went from 590 to 594. For you with a 513 expertise, I think you’d have to open nearly 1000 OPR boxes to get close to 600 GS. Additionally, OPR boxes do not give any jewelry bumps.

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The last patch happened which I think was an attempt to kill the game. It worked on me.

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I quit playing/taking a break from the game over the housing tax increase from the last patch, when my 3 house taxes came due, I realized its just not fun anymore and stopped logging in.


Yeah ALOT of people quit. AGS released another grind with no new content to back it. Before you could do OPR / Wars with everyone on the same as far as gear score goes. Now you have to spend several hours, and thousands of gold to be competitive again. No difference between AGS decreasing everyone’s GS by 25 and increasing the cap to 625.

Mutations aren’t even more difficult. It’s all based on your GS. If you have a 620 GS, and do a +5 mutation - it’s actually easier than the normal version.

Other patches created bugs. This patch created more of a useless grind no one wants to do. Ultimately killing the player base.


valheim has like, 800h of less content btw


Yes same experience, there is no point in playing except for wars our company wins anyways and invasions where we wait 70% of the time & win anyways.

I am also kinda left out of the loop of dungeons right now, because of orb CD so all i can do is play other games and wait for CD’s.

Also put my musket away since ammunition is now super expensive.

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You’re not alone, OP. I see it on my server and in my company. I started with 12 friends, and now 7 remain. Only 5 of us play nightly.

We’re pretty much just passing time. We enjoy mutations. I enjoy decorating. I don’t think any of us are invested in staying for the long haul. My husband almost stopped a couple weeks ago due to the obscene rarity of his weaponsmith pants. I can’t blame him. Getting to 200 is a lot of work only to miss 595-600 due to non-existent pants.

Hopefully the devs will turn this around before no one is left.


Can’t say I didn’t warn ya, AGS.


Would it help if we added more grind to the content for you?


90% of those so called active are bots . they don’t want to ban them .cause it will show the real numbers of active players . for a dead game . amazon will close this game in less than 6 months.

ik, just logged in my server was one of the most populated, theres barely anyone in windsward or anywhere else for that matter lol

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I’m sure that no patch at all would be better.


Things are going south faster than most of us thought. Nonetheless, soon, you will have white knights explaining to you that all is fine and how millions of people still play the game.
There is no one more blind than the one that don’t want to see.

  • house tax for bilionaire
  • repair cost for milionaire
  • faction control for some privilaged
  • entering dungeon for rich ppl with time to farm before real game begins
  • OPR without crosserver queue
  • bugs
  • git gut players only and their friends bots and bots and bots

This game is not for masses…