WTF is this change to healing

The changes to healing is a joke! if this what you do to healing do it to every class. I’d love to see a malee player run in and then have a second delay to be able to use all their abilities.

You have forced every healer to play in light, and now in a war (fort attack) light have to be in the mix other wise the line of sight issue will stop you healing. Options are either they run in and die or you both run in and die. Brilliant!

I need to stop here before I rage quit!


same for me. I agree with u. 700 hours play for change my set in few second. I tried some new meta, not find something at this time , I die I die I die.

Here, this might help you understand

Guy plays shit, doesn’t get the kill. But at least he has his rapier I guess!

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