Wth did you do to burn out?

After using burn out my character walks for like 2 seconds wtf - never before only after this patch!

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Oh Em Gee this is so bad. There is nothing in notes. this cannot be working as intended.

This one cant sit for a month. it utterly and completely breaks the skill for what it is intended for. I really cannot overstate how bad this impacts the skill. be better if it was just mysteriously wiped off the skill tree. its a rush in and die button.

I saw someone posted an official bug report but its not on Known Issues - February Monthly Release 2022

I have never @'ed a dev or cs or whatever but omg this one is crazy bad

@Kay @Shadow_Fox @Luxendra

it was really jarring to me. like its supposed to be a movement skill primarily i thought. why would it negate the distance traveled with a forced march like that. i mean we skid to a complete halt. why force the walk too.

always something like this “if your moving we want you to keep moving”

Weird bug, right? I reported this earlier in the megathread.

You can dodge to animation cancel the walking, but if you dodge too quickly, you will still walk for a second after the dodge. :joy:

thank you. i did figure out dodging can help after. Lol i was a little extra dramatic in my post but i was really like ???. --its always been a staple of my FS set ups.

I guess at times I do use it to get to a spot and then sit there and cast but this cannot be intentional.

I have never understood the firestaff walk really. Why does shooting even a light attack make me walk like I threw my back out. but then we got john wick bow-fu n junk and melee people spinning like cartoons.

I do that all the time, but after this patch dropped that is when the issue occured.

Toxic company on our server has x5 the population of anyone else. Is taking all territories, paying tax but losing every invasion, kicking people from every invasion until every property is downgraded. Then they max taxes in BW, EF and WW to maximum as the only territories worth owning. They have more money than anyone, can buy anything in the game and out number the entire server so they can defend each territory with no problem. Are Toxic AF and harass everyone in the game. Killed the last 2 servers they were on before they merged.

There’s no incentive not to do that, really. If you can reliably hold most of the game’s territories, why not? I wouldn’t blame the companies, though; I’d blame the asinine design team that thought this would make for a fun experience.

LOL these devs will always be a great source of amusement.

Why not? They did the same exact thing to the bow. I find this very well balanced. Please keep this change. 100% approved and supported. Great job!!

You do realize that its a catch/escape mechanic and you also get haste upon using it. Now why the hell would you want to use it then get slowed for 2 seconds, does not make sense, go try it yourself.

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