WTH is with the AFK timer and fishing?

WTH is up with the afk timer while fishing? Does casting/reeling a fish in NOT count as movement? I mean jeesh. trying to level fishing and afk, cast afk, reelin in a fish afk, putting bait on the hook afk, the timer is WAY too short. 7-10 times been kicked WHILE fishing because I’m not looking at the top right of the screen. a few times while on the phone and fishing. a few times talking to my brother in the same room while fishing. I am NOT afk if I am casting/reeling in a fish. Please do something about this. in 20+ years of playing MMO’s I have never been kicked for fishing, doing any type of tradeskill, or even just looking at the Auction house, trade center, or bazaar. (differnt games) Hell, it even kicked me while my brother and I was looking at the trading post then opened the world map to plan out our quest route. Guess that doing something means you are AFK. Please let me know what your definition of AFK is. Because, as far as I know, for the last 25 years AFK means Away From Keyboard.

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These are mitigation techniques to prevent people from botting and cheating.

I think your feedback about it being too short of a timer is useful, but the way you have presented this feedback as a rant is not constructive. If you’d like your feedback to be considered (here, or elsewhere in life generally) please try to keep it clear, concise, and respectful. :v:


Also related to fishing, If you have cast and say anything in chat that fish is now uncatchable because you are not able to get out of the chat window to reel in the fish.

Found that out the hard way lol

Please let me know what your definition of AFK is.

It’s 15 minutes of no movement by your character, then a 5 minute timer before you’re kicked. Movement, in this case, refers to your character actually changing its position, and not just the act of your arms or other parts moving. You need to take a step. Even the smallest of nudges in any direction is enough.

@Pasukin And you are CM? Where’s your red text? hmmm… didn’t think you was…

It happens when crafting alot of items at once, too. I love that steps are being taken to stop bots and cheating programs and stop AFKers from using up bandwidth when not actually playing, but the AFK detection system needs some tweaks to tell the difference.

Maybe monitor repetitious behavior (as a bot repeats exact steps at the exact same time over and over whereas humans pushing buttons are not that consistent)? So for example, if a bot fishes with a 3.0 second cast and reels in fish at 1.7 second intervals over and over, and a human, has a 2.9 second to 3.1 second cast and reels in fish at 1.69 to 1.84 second intervals, the repeating one is likely the bot whereas the human is reacting to pushing buttons). That’s just a rough idea, but I’m sure a programmer could actually come up with something better at detecting human vs bot activity. My point is that the AFK system needs improvement to tell the difference.

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@Rohne I agree with you. that has been one of the best answers I have seen on these forums.

Too bad there isn’t an ignore button on the forums that I can find so far.

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