WW Everfall gold is killing any competition

It’s a bit ridiculous trying to fight against a company that is bringing in 1-2 million gold per week on a decently populated server, and every week that this goes on for is another week that the competition in this game dies, the owners of these territories just keep poaching the best players on the servers with the incentive of free gear. With this going on as a long as it has it’s created a huge imbalance between WW owners and the rest of the population of the game, compound that with the fact that they have a 80% win rate to keep this advantage on a balanced playing field just makes it even worse, and with such a huge disparity it’s killing the motivation to play the game, while I’m grinding gear pushing content they simply just need to sit back and relax with their zerg and BiS gear to ensure that no one stands a chance. This is something that needs to be addressed, and should have been before launch.


I hate to break it to you. But the chances of this being addressed is close to zero. They’ve already pushed up the release of another MMO that they brought the publishing rights to. From mid 2022 to Feb 2022. That move right there in it self, speaks much louder than any words they will say.


Wha tother mmo?:smiley:

1-2 mil is not that bad. On my sever a single company + shell companies are making 5-7m+ a week for like 8 weeks now. On top of legal house tax dupe they also maxed other taxes. I gave up on the game at this point, my 1kh+ skills grandmaster title is meaningless while they can lvl fresh alts with ease in a day.


Probably he mean the Lost Ark.

There are lots of issues in New World but the major problems never solved.

Earning million of gold per week means thy sell illegal gold for sure… After gearing up your company fully, where to spend the remaining gold LOL… These major towns are hold by the same company for months already…

Amazon ruined this game so much…

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They needed to have ended the property tax compensation in December. It’s absurd that it has dragged out this long. They have done more damage to their own game than any amount of duping ever can.

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yep also a skill grandmaster that’s getting a little tired of the BS on my server, I love the game but there’s a group of people that are making it a horrible experience for everyone else on the server. It’s just absurd that this has lasted so long. There’s really no point if they can just buy BiS gear for their 100 people just by simply sitting on their ass doing nothing really and just make PVP pointless for anyone facing them.

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exactly, since the merge this has been the case on our server. the toxic players came in, worked cross faction together to take the money towns, then geared up to max with tax monies. now they are steamrolling everyone out of territories and off the server. weve lost 300 logins a night in the last 2 weeks and are struggling to peak above 600 at all.

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I try to do outpost rush as a musket player who play the game normally; but it seems like everyone is legendary. I suppose that to get best legendary sets are so easy at this game; because there are lots of illegal gold sellers, lots of exploiters, bots etc, and the gold income from major towns is insane that leads the territory owner companies to sell illegal gold for sure (1 millions gold weekly income what the hell really - just from one town)…

How Amazon New World Developers are going to fix this game at this point? I really don’t know. So if you are legal player and if you started to play the game after nerfs too, there is no way to be compatible against these illegal old players whom are geared… Amazon literally punished the legal players and new players now… Did Amazon check the Trade Post prices? It is insanely very expensive for a newly released game… This kind of prices only happen at free to play - p2w mmorpgs that are marked as dead p2w mmorpg servers…

Every time, I tell myself to wait more for Amazon New World Developers to solve these major problems (illegal gold buyers and sellers, exploiters, cheaters, duplicators, bots, macro users, high latency ping ms and server lag problem) but nothing happened for months to solve these issues at all…

End game content is so bad, if you are not inside of the territory owner guilds, you cannot do the fortress sieges that thy get only their friend groups with legendary equip players only inside of the company mainly… Because of BOTS we cannot gather any materials… MERGE happened and there is no HIGH Population server in EU region – maximum is MED server (half of the servers are marked as MED and rest is LOW population already).

Lost Ark is coming too, so New World will lose more players… Thy promised to fix all of these main problems and bring end game content for open world pvp, sea naval battles, and so many other things but non of them ever came too :frowning:


AGS is not worried they just pushed up the release of Lost Ark from mid 2022 to next month.

It just seems to me that AGS gave up on this game for Lost Ark. Like Epic Games gave up on Paragon for Fortnight. I see the show playing out yet again.

But AGS don’t care because they already got our money. There are no laws or incentive for AGS to do anything for New World. They can just sit back and milk both New World and Lost Ark to kingdom come. EZ money for AGS. They are a corporation first after all.


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