Xmas event - Tailored to 60s?

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I get that majority of the player base are at 60 now and there is still a lot the event brings for lower levels. But how come to really benefit from the event you HAVE to be 60. If you are giving a daily amount of diamond gypsum away you are looking at 22 bumps during the event. Why not just allow none 60s to gather the same amount so they can utilize it at 60? I can see no harm in that?

I recently moved servers and currently 42 on the road to my second 60 in the game but it just feels certain elements of this event are locked behind a level limit.

The endgame changes I love them cannot wait but an event should be for everyone to participate and benefit from. I could understand if it was locked behind something that was 60 content but its looting a tree…


Characters that are lower than 60 CAN do parts of the Winter Festival.

They can collect gifts, make tokens, use tokens in the Yetti store and buy items there. There are low-tiered items that low-level characters can use… much like faction items, there are tiers…

They can do some of the quests that the yetti gives…there are higher-level quests that couldn’t be done by a low-level character, at least not alone.

My main toon is only level 34… So I probably won’t be able to do some of the high-level quests.

TO LOW-LEVEL TOONS… Be careful when traveling to the Winter Towns as there are some high-level critters around the towns… Just be aware…

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I understand that there are parts that CAN be done.

The point I am making is the amount of changes that have been made to endgame there is more than enough changes for 60s why make large portions of the event based around being level 60.

Just seems unfair for there first event to have parts locked behind a level, not content a level. Loot a tree for a free bump.

And you just said it yourself the end quest in an EVENT is level 60. Events especially for Christmas are supposed to be fun and balanced for all. I love some of the rewards and I will do my best to claim them.

Just an opinion, would have been much easier to allow all people to get the orb and if you cannot use it, bank it until you can - Just like faction gear.


I don’t see it as unfair, To me, that is like asking to improve your watermark now before you have unlocked it.

You are saying it is unfair but it is not. There are parts of the event for everybody. The even lasts for almost a month, there is more than enough time for you to get to 60 and get the content as well.

Getting gypsum now when you are not at level 60 would be an unfair advantage to people already at 60.

Just my opinion.


Ha! When I first read your title I thought you meant people who’s average age was 60+. :rofl:

Once the strangeness has been accepted it’s quite fun inside my head at times.

As to your actual point unfortunately for a long time mmo’s catered much of their events to the endgame audience. There were of course level appropriate quests, games, and tasks for lower level characters to perform.

Much of the time you had to have an endgame level friend drag you through the celebratory events. Some of these even required a group of sexagenarians. Old habits are hard to break and for all the cutting edge tech game developers can be a remarkably nostalgic group.

This is probably what caused a rerun of how older games handled festivals.


Thank you someone else thinks that to I’m level 42 as well and that’s becuse of downtime due to bugs and lag glitches crashes witch is not my fault I have high end pc. 22 bumbs is ot in this event I agree its not hard to let people below level 60 get gypsum one small change that’s it

Giving end game players even more power over lower level players for free and wasn’t earned. Level 60 players got grandfatherd into the gypsum system and get free gypsum bumbs for the event… but if your not 60 you can get a frozen chair and bunny hah


Well let’s face it, the whole game is aimed at level 60’s, the rest of the game is totally un-fun from 30 onwards, once the “oooh lovely world, oooh love the music” has worn off. Plus the fact which leaves a really bad taste, those who duped and exploited their way there are still in the game having a great old time with the new Christmas For 60’s Event. Should rename this game Dupers’ Paradise.

How on earth AGS thinks it’s going to 1) bring leavers back and 2) appeal to new players, I really don’t know.


This sh!t is depressing. Normally Mmos create a nice n safe place for players to get together during seasonal events. Instead AGS created a system whereby lower level players get fewer rewards than capped players for putting in exactly the same amount of effort (if not more) than them.

To the people who say it’s not unfair… How isn’t it? Not only did the capped players get the opportunity to use unbalanced exp and loot gain exploits that were then patched out (fair enough), they were also able to increase their watermark in cheesy ways before the expertise system came in. On top of that they are getting free gypsum for what’s supposed to be a relaxed festive event, while the slower players who have been patient with this game instead of spending 3 months power-levelling and sh1tting on the game in every forum get shafted once again.

I’m only a couple of levels away from 60 and I have the choice of either focusing on this event and getting short changed for the effort I put in, or I focus on levelling and missing out on the event.

I think I’ll just quit the game altogether instead. I’m tired of giving this thing the benefit of the doubt.


You’re delusional. There are tons of players, including myself, who WORKED to earn their 60 levels and did not exploit the game or dupe. Maybe you should put in more effort on your journey to 60 instead of claiming everyone benefiting from the gypsum update are exploiters.

What on earth are you talking about, I don’t play so haven’t a clue about the “gypsum update”…is there another dupe out there? wow…just wow. I was talking about the original gold dupe, where 98% of the gold was eventually wiped (98% isn’t good enough), and many of the dupers were given a slap on the wrist ban for 24 hours.

The majority of the players are not 60. Only 16% according to steam have received that achievement.

All I said was that during the first few months of the game, there were many opportunities for capped players to get free stuff including thousands of free motes (and hundreds of thousands of cheap motes at the TP), also easy ways of increasing your watermark such as camping chests if you were at cap. AGS is now also giving you free gypsum to increase your expertise further, but not giving low level players any for doing those same quests. As a result, capped players are getting further ahead of low level players than they should be. So yes it is an unfair system whether you agree or not.

So you posted this 10 days ago. What level are you now? 10 days should have gotten you to 60 or at least much closer.

I posted today. I logged in to do the winter festival quests yesterday and when I realised I wasn’t going to get the gypsum I got completely put off the event. Thought about getting the last few levels to 60 but honestly this type of exclusivism from AGS puts me off the game altogether

You could look at it as they decided to devote more time and effort to their character.

They may have, or may not. But if Im devoting as much time as them in a seasonal event I expect to be given the same reward.

so want the reward but dont want to put in the effort others had to

It’s the same quests and activities. Should be the same rewards. Especially for a seasonal event.You just can’t see it’s broken because you are benefiting from it.

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and you can’t see that we put a lot of time and effort to get to 60 so we could benefit from it