XP Event continuation?

Is the crafting xp coming? thought this downtime would bring a continuation on the x2 event.
Soon a month since you posted the double xp teaser for crafting on twitter and made me hold up since then.
Some clarity would be super kind.

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WHY the Weapon XP x2 Event is IN the Week only some Days? Why not on Weekend? I dont believe this. :frowning:

ye that is also very strange. Im just tired of this communication team. Dont know how they see the fun part in a teaser like that, knowing people will stop craft and just wait. A month is ridiculous. (or maybe longer who knows)

They already said that the double xp for each thing is going to be distributed across this month. Now that weapons is over, the refining and crafting are coming. But not all together.

Although i agree, since it’s only 3 days it should be on the weekends. I assume it’s going to be 1 per week this month.

really smart, as allways from them… :confused:

Mustve missed that part, if it was some comments from them. Cant find any official info on it more than the weak teases. They couldve put in the whole schedule on the official announcement when they wrote the weapon xp. But hey…
Your comment made me at least have hopes that i dont need to wait for August patch :stuck_out_tongue:

there we go, finally.
Doesnt seem like crafting tho. Unless they include that in refining. Or if it goes under “all xp”.
But the text says trade skill and more so i guess. We’ll see :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit, ye crafting is out… Nice misslead with 2x and it will just be 1.25. What is this…

Crafting got the shaft :rage:

Crafting 1.25% beginning of july - sorry but i quit now - the people who think thats the right way are out of their mind. Instead of rewarding the hardcore base players they are still fucking them up more and more. Thnx for a great time but ( whoever is responsible for this ) - buddy its over (pve player here) XD

Unfortunately, they were very misleading, when they stated crafting would be included in this event.
Since it’s a x2 xp event they were touting, when they assured us crafting will be included.

Ye this have been the thing so far that have pissed me off the most.
Just because ive been on hold for soon a month, to realise they wont implement what they said.

It blows my mind how f.u. this event is - they want to bring back players? Make it a 5 - 10x xp event for a weekend and you maybe bring back a couple of k players. The actual “event” ( rofl ) makes zero difference - how many players are coming back? - 100 or max 1000? :wink:

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