Xp rewards from trades do not get better

First I appologize if the screenshot is hard to see. But I will describe its relevence.

This is a spreadsheet I made in approx. 10 minutes after I became curious on whether or not I was truly gaining more XP for making harder to craft weapons. To do this I broke the listed weapons to their bare most requirement of iron ore and how much XP you would get per craft. Before I point out key values you may notice after some looking that iron weapons offer more xp per ore.

To point out specific key points of data I have one 1:1 Ratio of xp from Iron Ga to Starmetal GA, and an approximation from Iron Rapier to Starmetal Rapier (I did not see any 1:1 Ratios in my data sheet for the Rapiers)

GA 1:1 ratio = -3 xp iron > starmetal
What this means is that when you spend the same amount of iron ore to complete a crafts on these specific great axes, you will lose 3 xp for crafting starmetal instead of iron.
To be more specific, 7 iron great axes (336 iron ore) grants 1428 weaponsmithing XP
1 starmetal great axe (336 iron ore) grants 1425 weaponsmithing XP.

Now the Rapier, since I could not get a 1:1 ratio for the Iron and Starmetal Rapier i will give you an approximate example.

23 Iron Rapiers (644 Iron Ore) 2760 XP
3 Starmetal Rapier (648 Iron Ore) 2700 XP.

In the Great Axe example we see that in a 1:1 Ratio you will lose 3 XP in weapon smithing and we see in the Rapier example that you will spend 4 more iron ore to lose 60 weapon smithing XP

It is similar with steel in which iron makes more XP.

It is only once you reach orichalcum tier that in a 1:1 ratio you earn 40 more weapon smithing XP.

I do not know if this is by design but personally it does not make sense to have harder to craft things produce less experience which is kind of crazy.

I should also mention this happens in Engineering and Armoring aswell, they suffer the same issue of the lowest tier craftable producing the most xp per base resource.

I would now like to explain why I think it would be beneficial to raise xp for harder crafts in the trades.

Personally as of recent, I have felt de-centivized to recraft(make more starmetal items for better GS, etc) my starmetal items because I know that they do not grant more xp than iron. And I know that recrafting does not guarantee good perks/attributes. And I know that I could just start grinding towards orichalcum gear. Due to not being rewarded appropriately I the player felt it was not worth taking the time to make more starmetal items because its benefits did not outweigh the costs.

I also believe this could maybe slow down the need to reach end game as quick as possible. To explain what I mean, In the mind of a player, to truly compete against other players in the current system is to have the best gear you can have. If it were reasonable for me to craft my current tiered items instead of spam craft iron gear, I can and will eventually end up with gear better than mine in the same tier of gear (starmetal) And I will feel I am always at the pinnacle of what I can be for whatever my current level would be, mostly because I would be. I would feel less of a need to reach hard for the next tier (orichalcum) even though of course i still want to reach that tier. But without this, I just wanna spam craft iron till i can wear orichalcum and do the same for orichalcum till i can get void armor.

I appreciate anyone who may read my entire post. I must also point out that I made this spreadsheet a few weeks ago and I have not made any recent changes to represent any possible changes in XP or Ore requirements and apologize if such adjustments were made in XP gained or ore required as I am not aware of any.


I have noticed the same thing and do support your opinion, that harder to craft gear should yield more xp per material (broken down) than low level crafts.

Maxing my crafting by low level item spam instead of progressing to each higher tier is currently sadly the way many crafters fast level. It’s just not worth to invest time to farm the higher resources.

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What is your smelting level and what flux do you use to make steel and starmetal ingots?

if you are going to lead into the extra ingots you can get, i based my research on base values, otherwise whether or not you get more XP is based on RNG or extra grinding for high tier flux which should not be necessary to gain more xp as it is already definitively harder to make a starmetal weapon compared to a iron weapon.

You should check the changes of the upcoming November content update,
someone on reddit, who had a look into the client data from the PTR said,
that they changed the way crafting works.
In summary the total amount of XP you need to reach 200 is raised,
but higher tier gear will give you more XP than lower tier.


Yeah, but those hardly ever apply. The extra flux and charcoal are annoying but I do not get the same xp from low tier items. It is annoyingly close though, but that should be fixed after PTR changes transfer

im afraid i do not understand

I have made a similar spreadsheet for furniture making:

there is no detectable pattern of XP rewards when making something harder.
My level up curve was non existent. I was making on thing on lumber even when I could make wyrdwood furniture, until the schematic for oak dresser dropped. See it there in the image as being even over an ironwood craft? That should never be the case!

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i didnt even know furnishing is also having xp problems. I really hope this is addressed

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could you link me that by chance

I do not know how the mods will react if I post a link to reddit entry with leak information,
so I will prefer to not link it.
But you could possible add the channel Video Game DataBank to your watchlist,
maybe there is a video from yesterday that could have some information about this topic. :slight_smile:

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