YABOIWILLY- Deserves some recognition from the devs

If you are into the competitive PvP war scene, you know willy from twitch. This man has single handedly create an esport like atmosphere out of new world wars. If you are a fan of Willy’s Stream, please comment under here and get this man some much deserved attention.

Could new world wars become a sort of eSport?? Probably not, but imagine-- A season based, ladder system for wars. Companies get the chance to attack and defend against companies from other servers and compete to become “TOP company of their region”. These wars dont need to be for territory control, gold, drops, etc. just simply to compete against other companies based on W & L’s in the season. Imagine the content! I am sure this isn’t something AGS can make happen, but Imagine AGS sponsoring Willy and helping Willy create the competitive PvP scene in new world.

Anyways, comment and support, maybe a dev will see this and pop open his stream to watch top wars across all new world servers, each night!




@Wiilly the GOAT


Wars are hands down the best content NW has and they really need to expand allow more people to participate and more often.

No other game has 50v50 sieges like this. Look at twitch when a war is being streamed people come in to watch because it’s fun just watching people go at it.

More accessible and cross server and you have a banger.


Willy’s the GOAT.


AGS and Twitch both need to partner up with Willy. Look how great he promotes New World whereas you’re having to pay the other streamers as is to play the game for a few days at best.


pleaaasseeeee let’s get this game to be an Esport. I thought the end game content of this game WAS supposed to be kinda like an Esport. War for territory control. Please make meaningful(meaningful as in there is a ranking with seasonal tournaments) end game pvp the number 1 priority in this game. It will give all the content creators actual content to create, which will lead to free advertisement, which will lead to new players buying the game, leveling, and practicing to be like the content creators and “pros” they see on Twitch and Youtube!

P.S. Willy is the goat and keeping the NW comp scene alive. Ty @Wiilly

@Luxendra @Shadow_Fox @NW_Mugsy @DevonK The PvP community loves this game and lack of class restriction and are DYING to get some meaningful skill based combat that isn’t as exclusive as war. We love you, we love this game, and we want a future where there are World Championships on LAN and kids watching and trying to be a pro themselves!


Agreed. Would love to see AGS work with Willy and have an official NW tournament or something.


Honestly theres a lot of us that hoped NW could make it as an esport one day and if thats not the direction the devs are taking the game, I think itd be fair to go ahead and let them know.


I know people who quit the game months ago who regularly watch wars, they’re genuinely really fun to watch.


Thank you so much for this guys. I really am out here trying to promote New World in a positive way. I play and stream the game every day and i just want to see it succeed! I’m glad you all apprecaite that <3


YaBoiWilly carrying NW pretty damn hard, give the man what he deserves.

Yah willy is the GOAT for sure. Amazon definetly should look at his model and drive the game more towards being able to cator to that content. Also things that are happening on castle of steel like blacktunastats.com. We need AGS to have all post war / Expedition stats available at an API, the playerbase will do the rest.

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I’ve always wanted NW to be an esport, but only for the commentary…

“Alright bignuts420 uses charge to escape… oooh and looks like he’s been rubberbanded through the terrain and is now stuck in a treestump… tough break… and he’s 1 hit by a bugged tripple hit ice spike! Ouch! Exciting stuff here, guys! Uh, oh looks like more than 3 players have dropped ice shower at the same time and the game has shat itself, that’s a wrap boys! See you next time!”

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:rofl: ^

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@boink182 I’ve caught a few of Willy’s War-Casting streams. He is very entertaining and insightful.


Agree. Willy should be getting the attention that Shroud gets. I get that he has a lot of viewers and is free publicity but people like that dgaf about this game. Should be promoting the streamers that do instead. Promote them and they will promote you.


YaBoiWiily is a GOAT, he has been shoutcasting every war on Maramma and some of Castle of Steel for 28 days STRAIGHT. If there is a community manager reading this please just pull up his stream one random night. Please get this man more spotlight if you can and even host a NA vs EU war?

Someone at AGS needs to tap someone on the shoulder at Twitch Partner support and get him partnered. He has the numbers, there just needs to be a push in the right direction.

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To this point, AGS should make NW similar to the fortnite set up, Season based. Territory ownership resets each month along with the new patches. New season, players get a air drop of materials, coin, whatever else to get the new BIS gear (attempt to get) because each and every month you guys seem to make the gear players have grinded for more and more useless. This approach only seems logical at this point.