Y'all got any of them Transfer Tokens?

So… can I get another of them transfer tokens please.

Server Merges would also be cool but then there are issues with zones and who gets what.
Just give everyone on the server a notice that their server is being closed and a list of servers and a token and let them pick from the list. Give a short time to complete the transfer then at the end of that time, set it so movement is not allowed. Only let them access the market for the token to finish the transfer.
You could do it slowly with each low pop server.
Would be at least something so people are not stuck on dead or dying servers not able to do endgame group things.

or just do the Merges.

Please let us play with others.


I second this

I agree.

I had to create a character on a different server than people I knew. When I could I joined them but since the server is dying, cannot craft top-level gear due to lack of activity, the guild left for a server that has been able to maintain their crafting stations.

With the precipitous decline in players, I am surprised AGS has not commented. This should have been expected to occur at some point, hence planned for.

Good luck to us all.

They will release them in the store for $10-$20 in the next few weeks (guessing)

Fine with this tbh

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