Yes or no.. are we going to be able to re edit our characters?

No one from the team has answered this with a yes or no… are we going to be able to re edit our characters? If so when is the eta for this? We spend hours on this game and invest time into it, a lot of us would like to re edit them, change hair or face or even sex. Someone in the dev team please give us a yes or no answer! And an eta.


There is a significant warning after the creation screen that you will not be able to alter you character in the future.

Here is the latest information about the character editor.
As far as I know, there is no ETA for it

You also seem to have accidentally landed in the wrong section of the forum.
You can find the English forum here: Game Feedback - New World Forums

I’ve read it too, they don’t mention ever giving the option to re edit character appearance for ones made. Just more customization options. That’s why I asked for a yes or no answer for this question.

I don’t think there will be an answer to that at this time.
Since there is no concrete ETA for the new features yet, details would only increase the pressure on the team.

If the developers now say “Yes, you will be able to redesign your char” they will be asked about it permanently until the release of this update.

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I dont see anything wrong with that. It’s a simple question for them.

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