Yes or No question (message to devs)

Hey so I just need a yes or no answer, I know yall are struggling with the ongoing issues so I don’t wanna waste to much of your time. I do enjoy the game and I do understand it is new there will be bugs, issues, errors for a while but I would like a yes or no answer on the following question.

Will EU servers be back but by 0900 CET?

No, we have no ETA yet.

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I’m tracking im not asking for an eta I’m asking for a yes or no answer and I’m pretty sure you’re not a dev

They obviously dont know or they would have provided an update.

So open a ticket… not a public discussion…lol

Because you really think that in this tornado of shit they are going to take 2 minutes to answer your question asked an infinite number of times already ? Who’s the idiot in the story, seriously ?

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