Yes, we do need FRESH servers with transfers DISABLED

Fresh start servers are acting as New World’s ‘second release’, when the game originally released it was underbaked, and people quit the game because of it. Now that the game is ready, so many people are returning to the game.

This ISN’T about players whining about tryhards, this ISN’T about players demanding a level playing field. We know that established companies will take over the new servers, that’s okay, we don’t mind, while they speed run the game, we will be playing the game promised from the start. This is about players experiencing the game how it was MEANT to be experienced, the way the devs intended. The game is in a good place right now, and it’s ready to be played. With the new expansion and the new servers, the game will thrive, and it’s gonna be so much fun coming back to this game.


Do we though?

There will be no transfer period. Not on or OFF! Best part of the datamine. You’re forced to commit to that character and server. No server hopping if you fall behind or your entire server gets taken over by one faction. Forced to fight it out. Good on AGS for making that decision.

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