Yes we need one giant 60000 player server like wow has so we can have a proper economy and get rid of shell companies!

In wow classic the servers are 60000 in size how does a game 20 years old support 24x the players of new world. If we could get everyone onto a few mega servers it would solve the shell company problem.

because the graphics are so bad and primitive your computer can handle 60000 character models at once

like minecraft


NW map is far too small for 60K players when it comes to resources. Every resource would be camped non stop 24/7. Once they start expanding the map then they should increase the server size.


60k is likely too big for the size of the map, but it would be nice to have a way bigger acceptable cap of players.

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And run the game at 1 FPS

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it is so an easy solution but the developer dont want this as players would not own many accounts and characters anymore so they would lose money.

I don’t know about the 60k thing, but what I can tell you is WoW uses sharding technology. There aren’t 60k people simultaniously in the same phase. Think of a shard like splitting up a server in little pieces. You e.g. have 50 players on the same shard but the server handels 1000 shards at the same time, which makes it so 50k players can play at the same time. Afaik WoW is also flexible when it comes to how many layers at which sizes they use, depending on the demand.

Also WoW sharding took them multiple expansions to perfect, implement and improve on. It’s not they can just plug and play a proprietary solution from another vendor into their game. These sharding methods and what not are secret sauce proprietary technological features. Introducing something that looks like something that has been done before is only a tenth of the battle, recreating the wheel every time is the bigger part.

Yes, wow uses sharding now. And, a wow server cannot host 60k players on 1 server. It would crash, smolder, start on fire and open a hole in the galaxy.


You mean layers, which get exploited?

I wouldn’t mind if there was a matchmaker group finder that used cross server search for instanced dungeons, without the ability to pick and choose people so to not sell runs.

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this is peak forum activity just shouting “shell company” and “economy” into the void with no real context

Theres not 60k players in new world

Should be many servers but cross region TP

I endorse this request, lol…

Provided AGS has the hardware to support it. Happy to loan them some of mine if needed! :slight_smile:

It’s totally true.
We need 60K servers like in WOW.
We also need to pay a monthly subscription, like in WOW.
It is also essential to have hours and hours of queues, as in the WOW.
Please don’t forget to use last century graphics quality and performance, like in WOW.
And since we’re here, why don’t they just go to WOW.

60 000 players on one server …if you wish to play game as screen saver or slideshow …create account on Eve Online …enjoy

No. 11 Companies sharing the wealth of 60K players? The best way to achieve this is to make more thing global or cross server. Cross server expeditions, arenas, OPR. Cross server trade post, crazy…

No. We need TP linked in server groups. As well as queued activities.

How do you plan to distribute the goods and 1000s of player in a settlement.? 2k per server is fine and they extend as they introduce new regions

You could have instanced regions but again, even then, due to the territory system, you’d have 11 companies profiting from the taxes of a significantly large portion of players. Which would completely fuck the wealth distribution even beyond how it is currently.