Yet another downtime

That makes 3 within 24 hours, absolutely pathetic

god job for making an useless post!!!

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Thanks for keeping track and informing the community

Timing was perfect … just about to do invasion as well , jeez

How to shit on your game by AGS. Getting to the point of deletion to me. Whats the point of a PTR if you can’t test shit. I have never seen such bad patching as this game throws at us!

they completely destroyed game with rushing patches without testing them… if they did one patch a month without issues nobody would complain… they just kept trying and fucking up game even more. well they lost 50% of players in first week, now lot more gonna leave too. Including me. this is not acceptable anymore for any MMO game. as you said 3 maintenance in 24 h…


lol! good point. now its not about how many maintenance shutdown we get within week, but how many within each day! haha

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