Yet Another Overwolf Post

Go cry somewhere else please.

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As someone who was suckered into this bait-and-switch I have every right to vent my frustration on this forum.

Could you please do it on some other post im trying to get answers here?

Flat not going to happen. The leadership has been completely silent on every issue to this point. What makes you think they will change tactic given that they are too busy revising their resumes.

No doesn’t. It shows you a website with info. It doesnt show you what is actually in the game.

They did a post a couple of days ago that lays it out a little bit better.

Basically if you have the trade skills to track the node yourself you can use overwolf to track it and not get banned. If you can’t track it yet and use overwolf to track it then you are subject to a ban if you’re caught.

Example: Orichalcum is mineable at 175 but trackable at 200. If you’re at 175 mining and using overwolf to track and display orichalcum then you are subject to a ban.

Don’t ask me how they would even do it but that’s the stance they’ve taken.

At the moment its allowed

“At this time we can confirm that we have not banned anyone for using the mini-map mod from Overwolf. In the future, we may change our position on this and decide to add a mini-map or change our position on allowing Overwolf. If we were to change, we would give plenty of notice along with a designated grace period where would not ban players for continued use, but would take action after that grace period has ended.”

quote from devs

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ya thats true it diesnt shot weather its farmed or not. but still its unclear what they reply

Ive read all of that mate, but as ive said today ive read a replay to some armorer banned by amazon and one of 3 reasons was overwolf as you can see in my post

You do not get banned and (at the moment) its oke to use the current overwolf minimap addon.

Plain and simple.


So basically to keep it short, no.

Why is always someone else trying to unban people. Do they get banned from the forums or something?

let the guy that got banned fight his own battles and appeal it.

Its always the friend that says “my friend didnt cheat”. if he only used the addon let him appeal. and appeal …and appeal… HIM…not you.

The post says he cheated and botted. Done case

i dont care about that, i only care about reason in their reply XD thats what shook me


If you read the whole post, he was banned for duping and their friends are trying to argue otherwise. Overwolf was mentioned because CS have no idea what bans are for ao they only send stock replies/guesses. God knows how they function as a company.

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suckered into what bait and switch? People wanted a reply from AGS on the minimap so they gave it, people like you are all the same. Even if you get what you want there’s always something else to complain about.

Easy solution don’t use any application, raw dog it

According to AGS no one has been banned for just the minimap. Plenty of people who have been banned were also using the minimap. Correlation =/= causation, etcetera, etcetera.


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