Yggdrasil Merge to El Dorado - Transfer Still In Progress?

My character on Yggdrasil still shows server under maintenance, but others are reporting that their transfer is complete and their characters now on El Dorado.

Is the character transfer on a character by character basis, or was it supposed to be all completed at once?

Thank you

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Yeah they are still working on some:

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yeah my friend is in but mine still says server under maintenance. i did see they extended the time an hour ago so hopefully soon

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Thanks for that. I didn’t look at that one since it was posted days ago. I’m new to reviewing these post updates.

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big same. i only looked here to see if i was the only one who was experiencing this lol

If there are so many Characters why did they merge ? :no_mouth:


They merged more than just one server.
They specified a lot of characters over ALL the servers that are being merged.
Not just one.

They are likely talking about characters who likely don’t play anymore but are still on those servers. All of that combines together for a larger amount to merge.

Figured it would take longer. Going to be fun next xpac when they come back and blam QUEUE!

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Looks like the US West is not a NW friendly part of the gaming world - sadly. I think this is my 4th merger since I’ve started. Do I get bonus miles? (kidding) Hoping for a quick start in the new server. (fingers crossed)

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Keep checking your character. Mine is all done now. Just got finished.

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It is all those 2nd/3rd alts created between YGG and El Dorado in anticipation of the YGG merge into El D!

My Yg to El Dorado transfer is done but my Yonas to Isabella character isn’t.

I still wouldn’t;t do much with those characters even if transferred until they’re officially done. There may be some validation stuff at the end that could result in issues like rollbacks lol.

Mine’s done as well, though I didn’t log in to check beyond seeing the availability.

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Mine is still under maintenance. Guess I should just go do “responsible adult” things for a while and just come back later. :slight_smile:

Approaching almost double the expected merger time is starting to make me think there are issues.

Especially since now the US West will only have one regular server and one freshstart server -which is just weird to me.

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Yeah I my character is still unavailable too. Confused

The lack of communication from AGS is also worrisome. Don’t leave us in the dark.

Both of my characters are unavailable, yet I was able to login and see that most of everyone else I know, have already been merged long ago