Yo - AGS, can we please have Myrkgard changes reversed :-)

I miss running it nightly :frowning_face:


Yeah it’s not just there! They made some enemies in malevolence with retarted hp. I was doing the bow quest and had to get 5 level 60’s to kill these guys and they were level like 52’s. Please devs go there and do this and come back and tell me they dont have to much hp! Also the second part I mourningdale. BRO THAT DOOR HAS NOTE HP THAN ANY BOSS!!! Devs go hit that door to get through to the boss and tell me its supposed to be that way!

It’s sad but with the mob buffs and the weapon nerfs, it feels impossible. After 200+ hours, I’m quitting until things improve

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I actually prefer it now with more dangerous mobs. Previously I was falling asleep at my keyboard since wiping with 5-10 people was near impossible.

The problem is there are so many small / dead servers, it’s almost impossible for many people to find a Myrkgard run now. They really should have had these merges in place before jacking up the difficulty / players required for the key end-game zone.

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Why do people want the end game turned into a cake walk?


That’s not at all what he’s asking for.

Not even close

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I get that but the hp is insane! We were pounding on a DOOR 5 of us level 60 no joke for 3 minutes! It was way to much! Level 50 mobs should not take 2 minutes to kill! Not for 5 level 60’s with good gear and weapons.


I think the doors are not related to Myrkgard tho, + those are bugged

It does sound a bit much for level 50 mobs to take that long, but most things in Myrkgard are 63+ or so.

They intentionally raised HP in various elites not just myrk.

We zerged Myrk last night and things seemed back to normal. Super Thorp was much more manageable and all chests had proper drops again.

I think they stealth fixed it with the other nights patch.

Myrkgard is not endgame - its just endgame prep , it should not be this hard ( portals impossible) it killed the trains . while we wait to get actual endgame content we dont have to hate the gearing process for it also , two bad dont make a good.

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Myrk is not end game, it’s not even close.

3 min not that bad. Must be a important place. Or wear lv 50 gear that has % dmg to xxx type. :slight_smile:

Well don’t leave us hanging… Where’s the actual end game?

We ten man myrk and it’s fun af. Way better than before. Git gud

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Previously, half the train sat AFK in the big portals… Literally nothing would kill you if you stood in the healing circle. Is that really fun?

I’ve been doing the portals fine as an (guild) group of people. It’s no problem, you need a good tank or two, some healers, and people need to dodge/iframe the bombs. It’s really easy other than that.

If they’ve nerfed it, it’s a big shame imo.

Ive heard they toned it down. I have not been on since im out of town, but cant wait to try it when i get home

Reek’s Forecastle/Siren run is the current fun zerg.

That will probably get nerfed next.

Arenas / invasions for PvE. The progression goes like this: lvl 60 → myrk/mines/sirens/etc. to get your HWM → lazarus / genesis → arenas.

Well, that’s true - although many people had done all of those things wearing entry level 60 gear.

Myrkgard is intended to be the most dangerous of the elite zones judging by it’s level requirement - I don’t think it hurts to have this area be somewhat difficult.

Previously it was completely boring heading there. Most people in the trains just sat AFK in the big portals, it was impossible to die if you stood in the healing circle, you didn’t need to dodge bombs etc.

After the changes, it became easier as a smallish (10 people) group who knew what they are doing - which mobs to focus, dodge/i-frame the bombs etc. Otherwise in a train, people spend all their time trying to revive people who die to everything.