Its like 4th time in pats 4 Hours.
Fix it im borred


Same for Utgard… just been kicked

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New Patch doesn’t kick out all the buggs but all the players, easy. Just make a wish.

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Just Simple cant belive. This game relased, and absolutly nonstop dc, mainterence, bug etc. HOW TO hell want to run Game Like that? even ALPHA phase not like this any other game… “stop say just give a time” 2021 almost 2022. cant belive DEV team still that unskilled team… BUGS cant happen any other game like there happen often. i rly want refound money and time invested as this is become joke now…

OK, Now we all need free mounts as a COMPENSATION. Give tumb up here. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know why the server is down? bugfixes?

New patch fix, all players out every 30 minutes not to report all the buggs in forum.

Just look on the forums they said. You’ll find details they said.

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I’m afraid of not participating in any activity in the game anymore. We can be kicked out at any time. @PurpleRobin , there is a topic " Hellheim server just skipped ahead by roughly 20 days"


any eta about when it’ll be back up?

Soon and then it will crash again.

Same with Eurytheia EU Central. Dead.

Visit the forums for details.



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Hmm, world is under maintenance…

And FC Bayern is losing too… evening i S…

It’s up again

Mine is up too :slight_smile:

yep it works

server is back but “E” doesnt work.