You Abandoned Celadon

Lol thanks a lot for abandoning Celadon while providing 0 insight into any future plans for the server. We were the most populated server in our battlegroup and you merged every server in our group except for ours.

Way to completely kill our server. Maybe if you didn’t act like an indie studio and provided just a sliver of insight into your plans for our server, you wouldn’t be disliked by so many.

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Yup, poor Celadon. From top 5 players now to the bottom. lol.

Do you think being toxic is going to get you results?

I mean maybe if you could read instead of just crying

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I read it, and it’s full of crap lol. I’d prefer to cry about it cuz I can. Deal with it or don’t reply.

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The server is very healthy and still shows up as ~600 peak players daily, so it can wait for the merge. There is no need to create one mega server per cluster, rather a few smaller but well populated servers. And 600 daily peak is still a very active, medium pop server. Nothing to worry about here. First in line were servers that have less than 200 peak.

This game isn’t an mmo. Stop treating it like one.

It is and the majority of the content requires groups (specially anything endgame related) and the servers reflect it. Just a crybaby here who thinks a medium population server requires a merge.

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