You absolutely have to reset faction swaps when you merge servers!

Our yellow-heavy server was just merged into another yellow-heavy server. Now we are stuck on yellow with no ability to take a worthwhile territory and no ability to faction transfer for 17 more days. This is not only awful for our personal fun, but it is extremely bad for server health.

Every merge should come with faction swaps. Maybe even faction xfers should come with faction swap refreshes.

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You could just be loyal to a faction. That doesn’t take any coding solution.

Yeah I’m wondering if this will be the solution for us. So we can rise up against the toxic green company that merged into us. Many people went green to help balance the server right before it was announced, now they kind locked over there and many want out haha.

Server balance is more important than “faction loyalty” whatever that is.

Faction loyalty would be the thing very few people have, and it’s the reason the rest of us don’t help you when you ask.

Tomorrow you could take that help and our time and our investment in you, and be the enemy at our gates.

Its the reason why a lot of the servers completely flip in terms of control. Its not some influx of other faction people from another server. Its guys from the leading faction being a) bored or b) not in the loop on the profits from those towns.

They swap factions and yours loses an ally and gains an enemy at the same time.

This would not be an issue if we had a constant influx of new players, but with servers losing players constantly you can go from being on top to being the homeless faction in a very short time because some kids got bored and they and all their buddies switched on you, leaving you without a viable army for your faction.

There are other games where your choices matter and your faction is forever. MMOs even.
It’s not a crazy concept.

Okay, you’re living in a world of your own creation. The server situation I’m referencing is one where Yellow has a massive upper hand on Purple and Green. My guild is Yellow and since we were merged into this new server we own 0 land and have no ability to win any of consequence.

This is a specific situation created by merges. I have no clue why you are ranting and raving about faction loyalty. We need to be able to swap asap after a server merge in order to establish a balanced and fun server. At this rate by the time our swaps are up (17d - which we used after the last merge for the same reason btw), this server will already be dead.

I’m not raving at all… Just calmly explaining to you that people who switch factions tend to cause more harm than good, and why.

The person imagining things is the guy talking about “fun and balanced servers” happening as a result of people swapping entire companies from one faction to another at will. In my more than a thousand hours of this game, I have never seen that outcome as a result of that input.

I explained pretty clearly why you cant make balance out of people swapping factions whenever they want so they can “have land” since it has an inherently unbalancing effect. Its like trying to put out a fire with a flamethrower.

You want what you want, but that doesn’t make the system fair, balanced or fun. You just want that “land” and don’t give much thought to the consequences to the rest of us in the game.

Even if your entire company goes green or purple, are you going to overcome all those other yellow campanies for the good of the land, or just be trying to snag a territory from your former faction? I can guess which it is.

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Nothing wrong with being loyal to yourself; but ima be yellow for life

P.S no one wants the hole that is WF but beggers can’t be choosers

Having different rules on each merge is just irresponsible. Once they notice 72h before, once they do it 17 hours before and we find out that we were running pvp missions on two territories for nothing… Once they wipe faction CD transfer, once not… I don’t know what to expect from ags anymore… :frowning:

Tbh honest faction loyalty does not matter when the whole server is basically fucked. Like what are we suppose to do? Not war… no run influence etc?

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