You all need to stop crying. Really!

Again another topic of this kind.

STOP Crying about the game, at the end, is that, a game, yes, it have it’s flaws but the game is online for barley a month!

“How they dear to make mantenimence when we are at player’s peak!? How dare AGS to do that?”
-Random person on forums.

AGS needs to perfom mantenimence and the , “best” moment to do that, is while EU and NA are mostly idle (sleeping or at work/school), so it touches you to wait, bad luck, at least it can’t be worse than having 1 whole day of mant

“They need to close servers to do mantenimence!”

See point above, players will be upset because they closed servers to mant.

“They need to fix bugs NOW”

Hotfixes might request a restart on the server to apply them propperly, you can’t ask them to make all the fixes that dosn’t require a restart, is imposible. Also, NW have lots of flaws and bugs, they need to find them, test the fix and rolling it out.

“NW is dying! I gonna quit!”

And by making this statement others will follow you, causing a “self-fullfiled” profecy. Where you say that game is dying, making others to feel that and leave as well, causing the game to trully die.

Give me PVP / Give content cuz I am bored!

You should take your time to level up and do not powerlevel, game is frestly NEW! Don’t expect new content for at least 6 months to a year! And PVP … please… I enjoy PVP but I am no a PVPhero, people will PVP when they desire, and if possible when most gamebreaking bugs are fixed, if not, pacience!. Don’t expect other people to PVP when they don’t want and by force, expect even less.

Most of the critiques are almost a crying over all the place, you can make a critique, as long does help to solve the issue, understand AGS, they are betting with their new New World, lots of stuff to learn for them, sure, they mightt fail at some things, but I wouldn’t be the one that see the forum everyday to only have 1000s of people blaming on me every single day.


Bumped .

Well said

People are crying, and that makes me cry.

The only thing more delicious than the crying posts is the posts crying about the crying.

Bravo! You’ve outdone yourself.

Please more crying about crying

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No one posting a thread about quitting a game has ever made me follow them


A maintenance first of all would be appreciated xD Then we can talk about peak times etc

and the cycle is complete with this thread crying about the people crying

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You all need to be more vocal and loud if u dont wanna get served shaitty broken games anymore.

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Was it?

any person who’s argument is that cause a game is “new” it is okay for the game to be unfinished and have this many errors is instantly ignored

it is 2021 why are we normalizing unfinished mmo releases and this many bugs?


Happily playing the game as it is. No issues whatsoever.

Because very few software products are released in perfect condition. An MMO is one of the most complex to produce and refine

I remember World of Warcraft was like this when it came out on 2004. Too bad, it ain’t like this anymore. Still a lot of whiners and crybabies even though the game is dying.

Wow was a mess on release and the player base way way less critical than it is now: the modern gaming culture is to just whine sadly

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The next level is a qq post about people crying about people crying.

  • invincibility god mode glitch
  • infinite EXP Quest glitch
  • infinite attack speed glitch
  • infinite movement speed glitch
  • infinite rolling glitch
  • infinite monster respawn glitch
  • infinite healing glitch
  • multiple gold dupes
  • multiple item dupes
  • outpost / pvp spawn glitch
  • crashing other players computers via chatbox
  • flashing other players screen via chatbox
  • auctionhouse buggy
  • aoes buggy
  • stats buggy
  • perks buggy
  • crafting buggy
  • server transfers buggy
  • burning graphics cards
  • unbanning urself/ creating FREE cheat accounts with steam family share
  • mass reporting leading into thousands of unjustified bans by automated bots

and even more.

yap, this is indeed the most broken major MMO release in history. People stating this and complaining are absolutely right to do so.


You’re not crying about people crying about people crying - are you? How very meta of you. :wink:

Everyone wants their game the mostly polished as posible… oh dear… imagine if Bethesda launched Skyrim nowadays (Not the Anniversary, like a fresh new game)…

10 Years changed lot of stuff!

Do you deny issues exist or they just dont affect you?

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