You all need to stop crying. Really!

You think this is a list unique to New world? How about asking a simple question: is the core gameplay good? The answer is yes

Its not because the modern gaming culture is to whine, Its because nearly no progress has been made since early MMO releases.

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this is the way

The core gameplay includes at least 5 bugged weapons as we speak.

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But that is fixable, the active combat system and core components won’t change and that is why people are playing new world and not others. Those fixes will take time

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All this combined is definetly unique to New World.

There has never been a major MMO title with that unbelievably high amount of gamebreaking bugs as in New Worlds.

This entire game is broken wherever you look and every “patch” only breaks it further.
Dropping from 910k players to 300k within just 1 month is a record of failure on its own.

This game needs to get trashed entirely and re-done from scratch like FFXIV.
And let me tell you even pre ARR ffxiv wasnt as f-ed up and broken like NW is right now.

Giving feedback, reporting bugs, etc are fine. But straight up crying does nothing. Just makes the poster feel better since their opinion is being seen by others. Doesn’t help the issue, adds no feedback, bloats the forums.

There are plenty of great posts that are negative and critical of NW due to having actual substance. Though the majority of the complaining threads are just that. Venting and crying.

But on the bright side, those crying threads gives some great entertainment.

Those bugs were introduced in last weeks update. For many players they now have very limited options as they either dont want to play with bugged things that might be an exploit or have broken skills. People are playing those other games by the way.

Lvl 2 white armor awarded.

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They don’t affect me or affect me minimally.

Yet another golden take from the peanut gallery

These posts crying about crying are becoming my favorite thing in New World.


You apparently never heard of Ultima Online, Anarchy Online, Shadowbane, World of Warcraft, FFOnline… continues listing MMOs as the end credits roll

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