You are idle and will be logged out message at storage

I am slow in my sorting sometimes between all my storages…Yes, I use and sort to them all
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Request: When I am in game and I am sorting…PLEASE…Give me a do not disturb button

so that I do not get a game. message…You are detected as idle

and more importantly so I will not be logged out when I am sorting.


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Add this feature in general to all “semi idle” tasks.
For example having the Trading Post open and searching for items, checking prices, will also get you logged out because you are “idle”.

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I believe that the game is detecting idle when really I am clicking away at my task …buying, selling, looking at market prices and yes at the storage where I am sorting moving and examining stuff. My character isn’t moving but my mouse clicking activities are active.

The game’s afk system doesn’t reliably detect anything other than actual character movement. This is commonly seen with people doing long sessions at the trading post or managing inventory, as you found, but can even kick in for things like someone moving people around on an invasion or war roster, or an invasion musket who is motionless but aiming and shooting at mobs.

Appreciate this feedback @phyllisdavis1955

Set the idle time to when I am not moving or clicking on items… possible to add that?