You are losing players! Do something!

Goodbye new world, I really enjoyed the game a lot but this that there are only 80 maximum people connected at peak hours is very boring, there is no one to play with and there is no way to make gold, almost everyone in my guild is stopping playing the same than me because we are 40 in the company and almost always more than 25 online and in the whole server there are 80 maximum people connected, what is that ??? The only way to save new world is to give another token, so it is for payment or they have to merge the servers, otherwise they will lose more than 20,000 players who are stuck on an empty server because there are manyssssss. I don’t play this anymore so I’m bored bye.


Imagine having wasted your transfer token. Feelsbad.

Have fun! :wave:

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I used to a server then all the server go yo a another and now si empty :confused:

It’s not that they wasted it. This has happened to a ton of players. They used their token to transfer to a server that was relatively popular, but then everyone else left the server for a very popular one IE, Valhalla.

Then these players are stuck on a dead server.


The politics of factions and nerfing of healers is the only thing pushing me away.


They’ve already said merges are on the radar and strongly looked at just about every day.

Oh and just for fun I rearranged your title:
You! Do something players are losing!

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This game has been a harsh lesson for a lot of people in researching your server beforehand.

I still have my token and don’t intend on using it at all. Not excusing Amazon for the lack of merges and poor planning. But those of us who have experienced this in other games were ready for it. Hopefully you can prepare better next time/check out the game again once merges happen.

You still own the game. There is no sub. There is nothing wrong with taking a break.

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“Merges on Radar”… Something from 1 month to 6 months window

Enjoy your empty server before it merges. What I would do for such gathering paradise, I am seriously thinking of transfering to empty server with my token, so I can get my materials to level crafting. I would miss the active market for a while though.
Still being stuck on empty server with your friends in the same company is not that bad. Just make use of it, ignore the activities that are hard/impossible and take advantage of what can be done.

Lets Start with you have no Bright side. At the moment If your Server is Empty, Use that time to Farm up your Crafting skills. No one to fight for nodes with. Amazon did not ask you to waste your Xfer Token either. So bad Decision on your end and you want someone else to fix it, Cute.

Stop Crying, find a fix for it yourself. Or thank Amazon for a $40 Game that you have spend over 300 hours to play. Which means you got your monies worth and move on.

Interesting that you have a timeline. Source?

you can blame blizzard for not capping xfers or just flat out locking ones that were already overflowing with players. zero forethought.

Well if Blizzard is in charge of NW Server Transfers…I smell a conflict of interest… :wink:

whoops. too used to blaming blizzard for massive fuckups in relation to servers/transfers etc.

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This is a fucking joke???

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They can’t do anything. The game after level 40 is just bad and max level content is TRASH. There’s nothing they can do about it.

They copy pasted the entire game in one year, how do you think they need to fix this mess?

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Adios man

You realize they said that a week ago? Actions speak loader than words. The action here is ignoring the situation. That speaks volumes.

Who are you talking to? Not me I don’t have 300 hours in this “game”

Huh? That post I referenced was made 1d before mine, and mine was made 1d ago, at the time of this reply.
2d does not equal 1w, so I’ma say troll and move on.

I replied because trolls need to eat too.