You are losing players! Do something!

do not overfeed the trolls

AGS has been late on many things. Their incompetence alone is why they lose ~100K player each week. Quick to launch, slow to acknowledge/fix issues, as the player base struggles on dying servers, against an onslaught of never ending Invasions, downgraded workstations, etc. Thankfully, I’m masochistic, so I’m still playing.

I feel bad that this is happening to folks. I myself have yet to use my transfer token. I have considered it, that is for sure, but I have decided to wait and see how things go before moving. There is plenty of crafting and weapon skill uping I can do before transferring. Of course, I just so happen to be on the most populated West Coast server and the problem there is everyone is coming to that server, this creates its own set of problems.

The bad thing about these low pop servers is, sure you have TONS of easy nodes you can farm. BUT nearly all the settlements have been smashed by invasions and you can’t find high enough Tier crafting stations anymore, and there usually isn’t any companies actively spending gold to upgrade again just for it to be downgraded shortly after.


Honestly most servers have Faction Based Discords that I’m sure you can get invited to. Find a Guild that is massive and join them. Try to help the Company in any way and work on a solution to getting ur tier of crafting stations upgraded.

yeah server population pretty big. Unfortunately free transfers are what killed it. Populated and healthy servers were ditched for everyone to ram their faces into the overpopulated ones.

As populations lowered, people just advertised the low populations causing dead servers 24/7 until the servers actually got to a mostly dead state. A negative feedback loop created the self-fulfilling prophecy, now servers are actually dead.

Would merges actually help? This is an honest question. Especially if they give another free token for people to annihilate the newly merged servers.

There are just simply WAY to many servers from the quick Band-Aid fix to launch queues. NA East has something like 171 servers lol, and atm only 8 of them are able to hit even 50% capacity…during NA East prime.

This is the reason our Company has put a pause on playing, simply because there are not enough to sustain gameplay on our server. I fear the break from the game may cause our company to fracture if no mergers occur within the coming weeks. Placing the expeditions into the main story chain already had some people leave, knowing end-game would not be enjoyable with “forced” dungeons for progression. Most of us have never experienced a war / invasion/ or outpost rush, but we sure know how to gather resources :slight_smile:

seems like a bad use of your transfer token

Be patient hopefully they will do a merge server or offer another transfer coin. My server there are times I am put on que to get in.

Because they can totally predict everyone leaving a server…

They are arealdy testing server merge (starting in 2 days in fact) maybe they will merge yours.

When you make a bad mid and end game that happens

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As said server mergers are being tested on the PTR servers starting on Monday. They also announced another set of free transfer tokens will be give to people not on the merged realms and have used their 1st token.

Just find some activities to do alone :wink:

Like hitting that wood to grind, nothing more to do in this game anyway

No monthly subscription, whats Amazons motivation to fix or create content?

The ability to sell games or expansions in the future? Gamers have a long memory when it comes to bad games and a release this bad will affect future releases.

Micro Transactions! Unfortunately at its current rate of a declining player-base AGS wont make much in terms of general audience. Once Lost Ark drops they will see the raw power of micro-transactions at play, as the NW ship sails off into the sunset. Bezzo’s will redirect resources to Lost Ark’s growth in the west, and NW will slowly dwindle in popularity, but linger for years like all mmorpg’s; and the hardcore faithful will keep it chugging along.

They could pivot and pull off a FF turn-around, you never know.

Dead game down to 110k this week

Yeah, the servers are dying for sure. A little upset with myself that I’ve put in 56 levels and 126 hours into something that could possibly fall apart. They may have just released this game at the wrong time due to Battlefield 2042 and COD