"You are queueing for a starting area..."

Lagged out about 24 hours ago… haven’t been able to get back in since…please fix this…

position 1|690x424

Stuck at postion 1

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I’m having the same Issue. El Dorado (West USA) I lost power and when I tried to log back in, I was placed in the same weird queue

Yeah this queue line ain’t working at all… been stuck on the same #52 for 6 hours… I’ve also had like 10 login issue’s crashes…

Ditto, not been able to log in since being stuck in the queue. Just keeps failing after a period of time with a “failed to login” error among others. This queue must be completely broken. We have the “new player queue” which is several thousand, but moving, we have the “open world” queue, which is several thousand but moving, and then you have “starting area” queue, which either never moves, or just moves a little then kicks you.

Character Name: Treenie
Server: EU Central Asgard


I find it hilarious the suggestion amazon games have on the login screen. Stuck in a long q, why not try another server…Jesus.

I created a char, i want to play that char. I do not want to start all over again on a different server with new people. The server I am no atm is fantastic and with some really good people. Amazon games suggests ditching them just because they can’t sort out their server q’s?

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