You are unable to trade things away

Getting the error: ‘You are unable to trade things away.’

I’m level 10. My character is like 3 months old. Tried trading with several people. People can trade stuff to me, but I cannot trade stuff back.


Hello @Spoonful

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Let me apologize about this unexpected situation surely is not intented to be like that. I understand the trade feature is really important on the game and not being able to use it can be frustrating.
I suggest to contact the live support in order to create for this specific situation in order to take the necessary actions to solve it

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That link takes me to a post about mutation level. Hopefully I posted on the right forums this time.

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Having the same issue on my son’s account – any update?

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Hello @Spoonful

Excuse me about this inconvenience I mixed the links on the previous post!

This is actually the correct link to report the issue:

Thank you for the correction.!

having the same problem is there a fix yet? or do u still have that problem now?

we found the problem : the char didnt have 3h playtime

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