You banned BigDevTV

So, BigDevTV has a twitch account. He also organizes our daily ECR tour runs. Other companies have mass reported him for scamming (and not spamming either).

So that just destroyed our runs. Obviously, the mass report system is flawed.

They sadly aren’t able to help over the forums. I’d encourage telling this person to submit an appeal.

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Thank you. This is feedback to the game that mass reporting can be utilized to ban people without actually being investigated. Mass feedback is a flawed system.


I know who you are talking about, and I’m afraid that your post is completely wrong.

BigDevTV_ spams the recruitment channel constantly advertising both their Twitch channel and announcing their ECR runs, sometimes up to HOURS before the runs even begin. He was reported by lots of different people due to the frequency of his spam and how blatantly obvious it is that he’s doing this just to try and gain viewers on a new Twitch channel. You guys had just merged to us from a new server and he was told by lots of people that it’s unnecessary to advertise the way he is doing, and we don’t do things that way there, but he chose to ignore this feedback and attack people instead. His “followers” even started attacking people with very obscene language that was also reported. I was there post-merge and saw it all go down.

ECR runs are usually advertised up to 15 minutes in advance, and there are at least 5 different ECR runs that happen over the course of each and every day on that server, with usually the same people “hosting” them every time. I realise that you may do things differently on the server you came from, but ignoring the feedback that the spam is excessive and things are done differently on the new server you are now on is just ridiculous. As is making up fake reports of other companies mass reporting him. He was reported because it’s annoying and unnecessary and an obvious attempt to increase his Twitch views.

Incidentally, on his stream he admitted to paying in-game gold for M10 chests and shards and that they “wasted his time”. I would not be surprised if the scam reports were from the people he paid to do those runs. You can view his VODS for confirmation of this, by the way.

Mass reporting isn’t a perfect system, but perhaps don’t annoy large numbers of people on a new server and then make up fake excuses when you get called out on it.


How can mass reports still be a thing? Its unbelievable.

Actually, no. I was there pre-merge when he started the ECR tour. On the pre-merge server, no one had an issue. He ran it for weeks.


Day 1: He advertised and posted to both the general and recruitment channels. He did post as usual. It was frequent, but there were few other people posting things just as much.
Day 2: He got a notice.
Day 3: He did post less frequently and then got suspended.

I did NOT see his followers attacking the community with obscene language. During the day, after the suspension, some of the community posted inappropriate remarks.

After he came back, he posted less often. And I do agree that he was rude to people on Day 5 when people asked where it was running, etc. I can not condone nor support his behavior. I can only guess that he was angry about the suspension.

For the most part, the community has stopped attacking him. In return, I hope that he will also run the ECR tour with more positivity.

[My initial post was to point out the flaws in mass reporting. This is still my stance. Sorry, I got sidetracked as a response to PeekAChew.]

Additionally, you know how mass report works. It is not an individual that says a guy is spamming. A group, in its own chat system, says to report to target individuals.

I agree spam is bad , but he not deserve ban for it , if you dont like person whu is spaming, mute and block, so not matter wat he dud, he just get cancel by group of braindead players so yes he got mass reported

Also not TOS, so not a reason to ban anyone.