You basically can't play this game with your friends

How is it that this modern day MMO is almost impossible to play with your friends?
What exactly does AGS suggest we do when we have friends who all have different amounts of time to play the game?
Your level doesn’t get adjusted up or down when playing with lower/higher level friends
You can’t share quests and you even get different quests from the faction board (while in the same faction)
And the worst part, the one thing that could somewhat circumvent these issues, having two characters, one for playing solo and one for playing with your friends who have less time, is not possible because you can only have one char per server set. (Which btw. don’t have any useful function as far as I can see. You can’t group with people on different sets anyway, so why this stupid limitation).

I’m sorry, but this is not how an MMO in 2021 should play. I bought this game to play it with my friends and it’s almost impossible to do, unless all of us agree to only play when we’re all online, which of course will never work.


at the moment to connect friends on same server is
1-when you start game go to first NPC take first mission
2-turn in reward
3-dont take second mission
4-now you connect with friends across the map in other starter beach areas,
5-so go find them there by running there on the other beaches
6-then all friends take mission number 2 together

edit here : if you take second mission differently you will end up in different towns with different NPCS and different stories…so the beach mission 2 is the way to go forward together


Yeah sure we can play together for the first evening. This doesn’t fix any of the real issues this game has in that regard. In two days time, all of us will be different levels on different quests with no way of ever getting on the same path again.
I mean come on, not even faction board quests are synced across your party.
Have the designers of this game not played a single other MMO before? I’m sorry to say this, but WoW has had these features for years and no one can argue that they don’t make the experience when playing with friends a million times better. There is literally no downside to this.


I agree with somethings BUT…

If you don’t progress through the main story line, you can technically wait for your friends / they can wait for you (regardless of your levels).

The thing that bugs me the most is not being able to start at the same zone as your mates… We asked for that in every testing period there was and yet for some odd reason they did not implement it…


Then… play WoW? See, I don’t know what you want to hear. You’ve bought into a game where this is how it rolls. You don’t like how it rolls… but this is how it rolls. More homework next time?


same starter zone …only sulution is wat i said on top to not take mission 2 and go look for friends and continue

it pretty sucks that there is no other way actually
not even through steam
serious issues for 2021 gaming

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Please stop simping for a company that doesn’t give a damn about you, it’s unbecoming.
This is a feedback forum correct? So I’m giving feedback.


How is it simping? What I said is very straightforward. You have selected a game that rolls a certain way. You. No one else. You don’t like how the game rolls, but we return to the fact that you selected it. And now you’re having a whinge about it (or ‘feedback’ if you like), but I’m not entirely sure what you’re seeking to get in reply? It’s like you’ve just bought a red car, and are now complaining to the automaker that your car is red. Like, wut? It really is that basic.


It’s simping because you are making excuses for terrible game design. Everything I criticized could be fixed or I should say should’ve been fixed during development.
And none of it is anything new or revolutionary. Other games have shown that it can be done and that it improves the experience of all players without ANY downside.
So by saying “this is how it is, deal with it” you’re basically saying the game is the best it can be, because AGS can’t do anything wrong and it can’t be improved.

And you keep saying I picked the game. Yes based on things I read, saw and heard about the game. In no way could I have known beforehand that quests from the faction board are not synced. Because not ever in a million years would I have thought that something like that would even be possible in a game in 2021.
And no amount of research prior to that would’ve told me that either. Because if you don’t know about it, you can’t look it up.


sounds like this not the game for you. can i have your stuff?

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Yes of course we could do that, he could also create a second char to play when solo. There are solutions we could come up with to make it work. But I’m saying we shouldn’t have to because there are mechanics in other games already tried and tested that work.
And I don’t understand why it’s THIS difficult to play with friends. At the very least, faction board quests should be synced. That is the bare minimum you should be able to expect from a faction based MMO.


I’d point out that tons of YouTube videos, over quite a stretch of time, mention all of this stuff to be honest with you. You don’t need to know it, or to look for it, cos it’s there if you’re consuming the commentary that’s out there. But obviously you didn’t see them and that will be someone else’s fault. It’s fine. You’re annoyed; you don’t like how the game rolls. But as I keep saying, this is what the game is. You bought into that; it’s not the game’s job to buy into what you want.

Sounds like you’re another simp who can’t live with the fact that his new favorite toy is flawed. And he’d rather people leave than criticize it in order for it to improve.


WoW did not have that for many years after launch. If you like WoW, this is not the game for you; everything is not handed to you.


Yes and now WoW does and AGS could’ve copied at least some of the grouping features, because that is what MMOs are about. Playing with other people / friends.
And I’m not asking for the game to hand me anything. I played, Eve for years, I’m asking for a modern day MMO to have certain features that make playing with friends a pleasant experience.
If you can’t agree with that, you’re a lost cause.


Hey, if you don’t like your game, can I have it? I’m just a poor boy…I need sympathy

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I literally could not agree more. Played beta and this was the only feedback I submitted: allow quest sharing for town and faction board quests.

If you can’t share these quests then the whole game seems like it will truly become grinding next to one another on top of having to spend 5 minutes planning what route you’ll take across the region to accommodate everyone. And all you think about the whole time is how much extra quest EXP you’re missing out on by constantly having to help friends w/ quests you don’t have. It’s incredibly frustrating.

And these responses of “you should’ve looked it up before getting this game” or basically “leave this is how the game is” are completely ridiculous.

Your logic is sound. Quest sharing has become standard in MMOs. It’s like if a car company released a 2021 model without a USB port for phone charging or even without air conditioning. And these replies are basically “didn’t you read that this car doesn’t have AC??”

People would stop buying that car, or trade it in so they can then get a different model from a different company.

And if they don’t fix/create quest sharing soon they won’t lose one person, they’ll lose groups of people - because those groups of people are friends who can’t easily play together.

Which would be a bummer, because I love all the other mechanics of the game.


I agree grouping and group questing features/systems need some attention, but hopefully, AGS will review and look at how this can be improved.


It’s just people making excuses for a game that they love, it’s nothing new really.
I mean if you disagree that at the very least faction board quests should be synced across your party, you are lying to yourself. That for me is the biggest oversight in all of this.


the tears keep coming. There are tons of new servers with ZERO queue. roll there and stop belly aching.