You basically can't play this game with your friends

Amen brother. This is such an obvious issue for an MMO at this point, and it’s reprehensible that they’ve neglected it.

Just purchased the game, as did a friend. Of course we intend to team up.

Spawn in, figure out friends and group commands - and then realize we’re on opposite sides of the map. Run a few of the starter quests and figure that we’ll be able to hook up soon enough.

Nope. At least not with anything like ease.

Good job arguing with the simps. Amazing how they avoid addressing the problem, and only attack you or suggest you leave the game. Very telling. Almost like they have a vested interest in trying to damage control your accurate criticism.

Also telling how many articles/blogs/forum posts there are commenting on this flaw now that I know what to search for. They were aware of this but decided to ignore it.

Anyways, now I’m considering if I want to delete and restart my character while my friend waits in town on the off chance we can game it so we can play together - or if I want to file a Steam refund request.


I totally agree with this criticism. I bought the game and after a few hours got 3 other friends to pick it up. I saw we could form groups, but later was bummed to find out that we cant really do any quests as a group. I really hope they fix this in some way. Cause right now the game is more fun when not In a group while questing, I can’t imagine that’s the developers intent.

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My friend and I are currently doing it like this.

  1. you create a character
  2. Finish ONLY the first quest, (I think you just turn it in) DON’T accept the second quest.
  3. Pick a starting zone where you can both get to and travel there
  4. Start questing together
  5. If one of you has to go offline, the other ONLY does town project or faction board quests, as these aren’t synced anyway. Or you level gathering and crafting
  6. Once you’re both online, continue doing the main and side mission.

This way you can at least play together a bit.

It’s in no way optimal, but it’s something.


Hey - thanks for sharing your solution.

My friend and I had some time to play last night and I think we figured out another solution.

GOOD to know about the town project and faction board quests - we’ll definitely be including that in our plan.

We were both at the stage where we were in a town and didn’t want to restart our characters.

Looking around online, we found out that we could probably link up at the point where you receive a quest to choose a faction. So we both worked the local quests up to that point - but didn’t take the first quest that referred to choosing a faction.

Then we looked at our maps and saw that we now had quests in ALL the towns and could see the quest giver’s name. We both checked the quest giver in our town and were able to confirm that the first faction quest was now available to each of us in ALL towns.

So, I ran to his town and I think we have a chance to sync up. He logged off for about 30 mins while I ran - and got locked out by a login bug that’s going around so we’ll be finalizing this tonight.

Great to know we can do faction/town quests independently when we don’t have time to team. Thanks man.

Unfortunately, You Are correct.

You and your friends should just take their advice and leave the game.

In a few months times, these servers will be ghost towns, and people like him will have to trade wins with other factions, because PvP will be dead.

I agree with OP. I can understand and forgive the lack of level scaling, since that would get tricky with PvP flagging.
But it’s a bit stunning how they failed to implement basic things that even the most ancient of MMO’s have. Quest sharing so your group can coordinate doing things together, including town board or faction quests.

I expected innovation in a new MMO, which would be something like… if a friend of mine is 2 steps ahead in a questline, I’d like to be able to see that in my quest log when grouped, to be able to clearly see. Then say, “Hey I need to go do these 2 real quick, then it looks like I’ll have caught up to you since you played a little without me, and then we can go back to leveling together.” Or something.

And even an old MMO like FFXIV has a system where you can go visit another server to do open-world content/questing there, hang out with friends, etc, the only thing you can’t do is queue up for raids/PvP or server-specific stuff meanwhile. This would have really helped circumvent these launch queues and packed server problems… but no. It’s like AGS didn’t learn anything from those that came before them.


Came here to say I agree with you. my friend and I are lv20 and lv23. We’re trying to do Quests together but cant sync them up except for Faction PvP quests. We’d like to play the game together, but quite literally can’t. Not being able to Sync up quests with such a small level range is terrible. I’m now forced to solo in an MMO.


Oh this troll comment. People asking for improvements and qol in a game and comparing it to another game that does it right doesn’t mean that they need to play said game. And btw, this isn’t how it rolls. This is a new game and features will be implemented based on people suggestions.

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I completely agree with you on this.

“That does it right” is entirely subjective. A lot of people think WoW is a pile of $%#^.

You apparently can’t see that, otherwise you wouldn’t base your comment around it.

Um… says who? Gamers often have this wild fantasy that they’re in charge of the developments in a game, when they aren’t. Some devs, in some games, give lip service to this idea (“We really listened to you guys!”), and I think it just makes the problem worse. The reality is, the devs have worked on this for a long time, and changed course a bunch of times before putting it out there for the public. This is their vision. You don’t have to like it. But having some fantasy that if you write some rude comments on a forum that the game will change for you is delusional.

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It’s also important to note that for the main quest line that certain portals, and entrances will not allow people who are not on the quest to access it. One such quest for the staff will have you enter a portal to defeat the spirit of an enforcer, which I couldn’t enter since I wasn’t on the same quest even though I was in their party to help them.

You said it perfectly here, there wasn’t innovation or even adherence to the lessons learnt by other game devs.

We’re currently in the Game Feedback area of the forum.

It’s okay to make suggestions to the devs. They may or may not implement or act on any feedback given, but if there are a lot of people drawing attention to the same feature it might be in the games best interest for it be seriously considered.

At the end of the day, the devs chose to make the game more appealing to the PvE side of things so improving this area will only make the game that much better, and yes there are already established games that act as prime examples of how good grouping mechanisms can be implemented.

I would really like and appreciate the ability to share board quests with my boyfriend. At the moment, we help each other, but the ability to share our quests would be fantastic.


Absolutely on both counts. But when I see the name of another game being invoked again and again, I wonder whether the person wouldn’t be happier just playing the other game? Game design involves choices and not every choice in every MMO is going to line up with what happens in another game. And again, if someone’s so ticked off that Game A doesn’t do x, y, and z like Game B… then maybe they’re truly better off playing Game B? Game A shouldn’t have to become a clone of another game just because it suits someone. There may be - and probably are - quite good reasons, long debated, why things have been done in a certain way.

The only reason people bring up other games is because it’s the quickest way to give an example how something could be implented. I understand how you feel, but for me, there are games I don’t like that also have a good feature, even if the rest of it is unsatisfying.

For example, my most recent mmo is ESO. I couldn’t bring myself to play it anymore because of certain aspects I just don’t like, but they still have a good grouping system over the one NW currently has.

I’m loving NW for it’s strengths and really hope to stick with this game for the long term. It’s not fair to directly compare it to years old games, but there is room for improvement and I think it’s okay to highlight where those areas are.


Look, I agree with you. I think the flipside to the same coin is what is realistic, and what is fantasy. For example, I will fight anyone, anytime, over SWG being the greatest crafting implemented in an MMO. I think it was fabulous. Now, I could make threads here saying, “SWG crafting was ace, you should do crafting like that!” But the common sense side of me can see that they’ve gone a different direction and it would be a non-starter for them to completely revamp it just because some guy on the forum - me - said that he liked it better in SWG. You know what I mean?

Yeah, and game also incentives rushing to max level as fast as you can too. Since pvp scaling is all messed up. Which really doesnt help anyone. If you are different levels its just pointless to hang around together

Yes, you raise a very good point, but it’s one thing to ask for something in a game that isn’t needed (because it already has a good feature), and another to ask for something because it’s not there at all.

AGS decided to develop the PvE side of things, so asking for improvement on the grouping experience I don’t think is unreasonable.


I agree with that. At least all members within a group should get the same quests at town- or faction board and you should be able to share them to your party members.

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Nothing to add, just +1 ing sharing quests…purchased to play with friends and I can’t. Sorry I didn’t google this because I never thought a basic feature like this would ever have been left out of a modern game.