You call some place paradise, kiss it goodbye

There used to be 2 South East Asian servers: Delos and Utopia.

Delos was full of flexers.

Utopia was full of people who were more chill, they fought each other, but they all knew each other, there wasn’t the road rage style abstraction. It was awesome. I enjoyed the solitude of Utopia, we still had OPR’s, we still had Invasions, we still had Wars, we still had Chest Runs, the difference was that people were encouraged to join them, they were not just for the top 10-20% of people.

Then, without asking us, we get three days notice that Utopia is merging into Delos.

Were we asked? NO.

Did anyone from AGS ever even talk to anyone from Utopia? NO.

Could anyone on Utopia just go to Delos if they chose to? YES.

So why did you merge us?

It was a really dumb move and someone should be punished for doing it.
Not the techie who did the merge, but the fool that made the decision without due consideration, without ANY consideration, just to tick a damn box and do their shitty job for the day.

I have had to turn off all chat except faction and now rather than feel like I’m a part of a community you have forced me to feel more detached.

I’m disappointed, I’m angry, I’m frustrated.


While I can see where the disappointment comes from and knowing what it’s like to have nice close smaller communities, you should also bear in mind that nobody on that server pays a subscription, and servers cost money… Financially they have to make a decision at some point, even if we don’t entirely agree to it, the passion is good, just watch the language etc :sweat_smile:

  1. My apologies, I forgot that Amazon are going broke.

  2. Watch your own language, I couldn’t give a flaming firetruck if they ban me right now.

Who made you the moderator?


Amazon has nothing to do with it, it’s AGS, a studio underneath that banner on budgets, timeframes and all the other corporate crap that follows; with a very failed background in game development of cancelled or shut down game after another after another, when a game has lost 98% of its peak playerbase and you’re still operating those servers you made in error at a launch knee-jerk reaction instead of heeding others advice.

Nobody made me moderator, I’d just hate to see someone get banned by showing some passion to something they enjoyed being taken away, but if you don’t mind, by all means continue to swear directly at them on a public forum. :man_shrugging:


Strictly based off your comments to a relatively passive response you seem seem pretty childish which is odd since that is what you are trying to avoid.


Its one thing to make bad games, I’m an indie dev, I get that.

Its another thing to not understand your customers and then make poor decisions with no material knowledge of the wants of those customers. That’s a different mistake.

To make that sort of mistake whilst still spending a fortune to keep developing your game is foolish.

I also doubt that turning off one of their two servers in their Sydney server farm will save them a cent. Assuming they host the farm themselves, will they sack half the staff? Halve the power bill? Its not like you map one server to one piece of hardware these days.


Anger can appear that way sometimes, if you look superficially.

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Amazon doesn’t get it. No one wants to live in a skid row neighborhood of “bad actor” players and they will leave. This has been a major reason since launch but AGS hasn’t done anything about it. They think player counts on a server will keep it alive but somehow they don’t see that repeated merges haven’t stabilized the population.

Most players don’t get it either. When there was still a population left to keep doing merges, they just struggled on despite toxic shell companies ruining servers for RMT. Now that NW barely has a niche game population left, they are suddenly concerned and crying for AGS to do something. When all along, many players on the forums have called for AGS to take action against exploiters and cheaters since launch.

Seriously, just quit. No sense putting up with the behavior just to play a game. Maybe shelve it for 3-6 months and come back when the population on the merged server has gone down yet again because AGS hasn’t addressed the CAUSES of population loss and keeps trying to treat the SYMPTOMS.

Just like in real life, no one with choices really wants to live in a skid row neighborhood. Those who live there typically have no choice except to live there. Are you a person with no game choices that you have to play in this one?

Population loss was never primarily the underlying mechanics but AGS kept changing mechanics for the worse trying to deal with bad actors that cheated and exploited.
The number one problem has always been cheaters and exploiters, which includes dupers and RMT. So many of the made-worse mechanics we have now were clearly trying to address them; e.g., locking gear score behind expertise and mutation grinds because PvPers were buying RMT to just buy duped BIS off the trading post that were churned out by crafters buying cheap botted materials.


Please don’t threaten AGS staff livelihoods just because you’re frustrated. Not on mate. You’re giving Utopians a bad rep.


When a game turns into investments lmao


really disappointed with the new “community”

  • having only ONE server option in the region is pretty poor.

I caught an explanation in Global today that really captured the mood.

If the n00b wanted their question answered rather than being abused for asking, they wouldn’t have asked in Global.

The “communities” are definitely different, and largely incompatible between Utopia and Delos.

I am really hoping it will settle.


Can understand the frustration but this isn’t the way to garner sympathy. That said, my server wasn’t merged into another one, another one was merged into mine, and aside from the increased competition for nodes and the inevitable sulking from some when you take a node before them, it’s a pleasant experience. My server feels alive like launch day again, but minus the queues.

I understand the Global chat sentiment. I recommend turning it off.


I wish AGS would learn from their mistakes. Every time they merge servers, the population drops further. This is because of friction between different communities, as well as the issue of big fish from small ponds not coping with being in a larger group and losing some of their identity and importance. It is further highlighted by the town and war systems in this game, with merges inevitably resulting in fewer people getting to experience that content.

In the case of merging Utopia into Delos, you’ve left players without an option. Previously, players had a choice whether to stay on the lower pop server or move to the larger one. Both valid. Now, if we don’t like Delos, the only options are to play outside our region or quit. I already have a friend who is trying US West.

People may say that AGS had to merge the servers but that’s not true. They could have tried cross-server instances, as has been suggested many times on these forums. This would have relieved some of the pain points (OPR and Arena queues) while maintaining the community of the server. Instead, AGS did what they’ve done before and they have no right to expect a better result than further player attrition.


Whos to say this isnt the plan. Flush systems down till minimal requirements. Majority of the community has grown into a toxic mess. Flush the system and repopulate when they restructure after BS is released.

After all why was dual stats stopped?

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I wasn’t after sympathy, it was more a vent while I decide what to do next.

I really enjoyed the game as it was, and it is difficult to walk away from that.

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they just merge servers with low pop. simple as that.


Yeah, I just gave up saying a balance in server pops is healthy.

Like polls would have been good. See which servers want to be merged. Maybe even with whom.

AGS refuses to do things with grace or forethought. It smacks of parents too tired to deal with their kids anymore.


At launch I joined the lowest pop server. I’ve been merged up 3 times and now we’re high pop US east. I almost never have chat on (area only) but at each stage all chats have become more toxic. I haven’t had global on in forever but I’m pretty sure its just people spamming Among Us references while the rest spam “kill yourself.”

I’m just dorking around while waiting for the July patch to drop, but you might see me here in a month or two begging AGS to open a low pop server.


They choose to be that simple, its not the only option.

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Put up a parking lot