You can destroy weeks of grind with one false move

What do we all do with our items we spent lots of Umbral Shards in to upgrade? Sure, we lock them. So we can’t accidentally sell them. Or accidentally salvage them. In the first case the item won’t show up in you auction house sales UI. In the latter you don’t see the salvage option in the context menu at all. Even if you unlock it, game will ask you if you really want to destroy a legendary item.

But. Try dropping a 625GS item that you also locked. This will probably not be possible like you can’t sell it in auction house. Or you will get some kind of warning. Right? RIGHT?

Wrong. You CAN drag and drop a locked legendary item into the discard section and there WON’T be any warning if you do so.

Not that it happened to me, never ever. And of course I didn’t contact game support about it. And of course they didn’t track what happened only to say, well if you discarded the item that’s, well, your own fault. And of course, when I said that locking the item clearly stated a players wish not to lose it in any way and that game options not reacting to that in case of accidentally discarding an item might be a little off, they DID answer me.

All that just might have happened, but it didn’t.
But if it did, I thought I’d better tell my fellow players about it. Just in case you would have also expected that locking an item would prevent it from being discarded.

So here’s what I would be doing if I didn’t quit NW in frustration: Never drag your active weapon into your inventory screen, because if you miss the drop, you drop and, well, see above. Only change weapons by double clicking them into your inventory or double click to swap in the new weapon.

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