You can't say you're giving us back harvesting gear: NEK MINNIT KEKW JUST KIDDING

Like seriously? Why is this a thing?

This maintenance was supposed to be bringing back Harvesting gear that got ninja deleted…

yet the updated message is saying… KEKW we have NFI what we’re doing or where it went and nup have to wait until IDK WHEN to get it…

… but it can drop again in-game so that’s good right??


Welcome to the circus. Enjoy the clown show.


For real

In this release the in-game Harvester gear has been re-added to the loot tables, and is earnable in-game once again. Unfortunately, we found issues with the horticulture gear we intended to grant players. The gear we intended to provide had stats and player level requirements that would have caused significant and unintentional imbalances in both PvE and PvP play.

We want to make sure to get you the gear exactly as described while keeping the experience fair and balanced. We will be correcting this and issuing the gear later than we had thought - we will update when we know that schedule. KEKW for the inconvenience this has caused and KEKW at your patience and understanding.

not verbatim but paraphrasing

shouldn’t say is more like it. They can say whatever they want and we can all just look at the notes every day like O.o

They have to be trolling. There’s no other reasonable explanation. They’re literally trying to infuriate people.

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