You can't take any objective of this type bug

I’m LVL 60 and when I try to take quests its says u can’t take any objective of this type

I can’t take any more new quest,s not even the one to lvl up faction ranks

i also have this issue

so i cant get rewards from quests

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Any solution to this? Literally stuck at 3000 faction rep after the switched factions.

I just walked all the way to Shattered Mountain from Brightwood for the “Trial of the Adjudicator” quest that you get from Zuzanna Maras. I was super excited and she said, “You can’t take any more objectives of this type”. WTF?! Ah man, what a waste of walking. I should be compensated!! What’s the deal with this error? Are we just chop liver random error that only happens to .01 percent of players, so they’ll never fix it? The lack of any response is discouraging.

Wait, you guys sure you didn’t hit your Quest cap? You can only have like 30 yellow quests if I remember right. Agh Need to check. But yeah, if you get that error, abandon some quests.


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