You "fixed" the mote "giveaway" quickly, but stay very silent on the general lack of T5 resources

I Notice you patched out the T5 mote and T1 dual drop from Blight Moths etc very quickly, YET on the lack of resource nodes such as Ori, Star Metal, Iron Wood you dont even respond to concerns.

Is this just because you are worried if you tweek anything that certain class of player will be annoyed, (ori scalpers looking at you!) or you just like that fact your crafting system is stressful past T4.

Cant see any positives with the approach your taking.

Just to note, its 02:35 UK (03:30 server time) All the Ori sites are camped. very rare for me to be up this early/late.

Your game is in a very unhealthy state. Your relying on Toxic game design to makeup for shortfalls in decisions that have been made.

Player count continues to fall. Why wood anyone come back to a game that severely hampers casual players.

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