You forgot the most important one :)

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ahh you forgot to mention that you also fix the furniture lockdown in this patch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah… I am not usually vocal about bugs and issues in this game, in fact this is my first post here.

Regardless, why is this still not fixed. My main income in this game, which by the way has a ridiculous economy (It is HARD to make money if you don’t do outpost rush or farm consistently every day), is still suspended.
The Genesis dungeon got buffed and people clearly need Angry Earth trophies, but I can’t fooking sell any! We also clearly need corrupted trophies as the invasions are destroying our community every 3rd day by being competely undefeatable on low pop/low activity servers
But hey we got new armour skin in the game ( which I ofcourse bought ).

It just feels like the devs do not play their own game at all.

Fix the damn furnishing trades!


I thought that they for sure were going to finally fix it now. But, no…
Hey devs, just acknowledge us, this is a major problem - which we probably would have had a lot more understanding for if you just talked about it. Are you even working on it? You shut a whole trade-skill profession down without so much as word…?


it’s literally a game breaking problem lol, AGS is funny

Crafting bug, getting worse. Respawn rate, Ridiculous. Corrupted areas showing up 45 seconds after being beaten, still happening. Dupes, still in game. Swimming, no. spend an hour doing quests and missions to get 35 gold and it costs 80 to repair your crap. But yeah, fix this stupid stuff instead. It’s fine. Everything is fine.


normally I wouldn’t bash Devs as I know this can be a hard job. the trophies should be top priority.

the cost of houses and taxes on them to have the spots to put the trophies is one issue.

The need for trophies to get end game items to drop is another.

one of the biggest things i see is that furnishing is such a HUGE!! grind/time suck. for those heroes out there that got to 200… they should not be rewarded with no cash flow from it due to a few bad apples. I’ve only got to 150 and I love the grind of crafting but furnishing is a rough one. this should be fixed asap.

P.S. i do see the importance of fixing the lag in war bugs… and appreciate that its getting fixed. Thank you.


I hope they won’t. Just did 200 furnishing in 2 days, I need cheap trophy stuff now :smiley:

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There are many issues that are on the known bugs list that have not been addressed yet. Amazon has done an okay job of shutting down gold selling bots from announcing in chat, trying to stop farming bots by changing what constitutes AFK, working on the server pop, planning merges of servers, taking a look at the server load during PVP and multiple player engagements, etc. As far as new game releases and the ability to jump on redline fixes, the Amazon Gaming team has done a reasonably good job.

However I have been on the career pages looking for available jobs and I have not seen one of the most important jobs for the player experience listed. I have seen content creators, administrative work, tech and non-tech jobs, but NO QUALITY ASSURANCE TECHNICIANS with the ability to bug report and run grey, white and black box on this game. Content Creator job requirements include feeding earwigs of happiness into the internet about a game in particular on websites, blogs, youtube channels, etc., but they still want said content creators to have a Bachelors Degree. I am an author, content creator and have had over 20 years of gaming experience, retired from the Army and run a consulting business, but I have no BA, just a few AAS-CT and Education Degrees not to mention certifications for Oracle, etc. It looks like to me by creating a PTS and a forums that they just created a zone to vent frustrations about the game and occasionally you will get great insight, ideas for growth and solutions. However none of us know if our feedback is actually getting to the developing team and the designers. QA directly works with and speaks to the dev team, not to candy up the game, but give real and critical constructive feedback that changes the dynamic of the game for players.

In any sales you learn that client, customer, player experience and satisfaction is the key to continual purchases, use of services or presence in a game. The newness of everything wears off pretty quickly. There has to been substantial changes and a worktable to address issues, not as they come, but in priority from security, to server load and performance, to player experience. I really like this game and I’m willing to continue to play as long as input is considered and acted upon, but without a real QA team covering a variety of player perspectives they run the risk of dying like many other games and companies before them.


Fix the damn crafting it isnt leveling anymore is spend 15k on sandpaper contributed more to global warming then china ever did by chopping tree’s for 3 days straight and im only 170 ? wtf

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Yeah, sorry, but the most important bug I am aware of is the one affecting myself and many others who are unable to complete The Ritual quest due to the Heartstone altar being permanently unusable on our characters. We literally cannot continue the main story beyond this point and there has been no response. I was hoping to see it in these patch notes…


sorry to say but its players like you that keep games getting away with bad work.

I’m running around with furnitures in my inventory.
Aaaaand I can’t put it back in any storage in any town.


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