You got it all wrong... Light Staff aint the problem


Currently they are testing out a nerf for the Lightstaff but that’s not really the problem here. And I wonder if the devs are actually playing the game here…

The problem is that there is absolutely no penalty to use the Light Staff heals with Heavy armor. Tooltip say it should be 20%, but that is bugged. That is not enough though.

Heal output should be something like this.
Light armor 100%
Medium armor 65%
Heavy armor 30%

It should solve most problems today with heavy’s running around and cannot die when 5ppl are trying to kill them. A lowering of the elemental mitigation on heavy armor could also be a something to finetune and promote tactics…

This will create a backline of range and light armored healers which will promote more tactics in game. More focus will go into flanking, range prioritizing healers in the back and so on. As it should be. More fun, all in all.

Life staff in the next patch is receiving a 20% flat healing nerf across the board, to make up for this loss in healing percentage, they’ve upped the medium and light armor + to healing percentage. This means that indirectly, heavy armor is getting a flat 20% reduction in healing output.

Yes, but according to tooltip it should already be in place (but it’s bugged)… :confused: 20% lower healing for heavy is not nearly enough, it should be much lower to create better experiences in war and outpost rush. Forcing tactics and not pure brainless mayhem…

I think we should delete healers at all in this game. You all would be crying than that your favourite weapons need self-heal. WTF…

Issue is, with how the dmg and healing increase is on light, it doesnt add up to much and still pretty much makes light not worth using lmao. Yeah you might heal for a little more, but you are just going to be 1shot. Still makes more sense to heal for less and run heavy or even med and be able to take a few hits.

Don’t really understand what you want to get out of that post. Just on trolling mood today or?

The way the game is imbalanced is astounding.
For a PvP driven game this is poison , slowly but steadily kill the PvP in this game.

I as a healer dont take PvP serious anymore, i do maybe 3 OPR a day for Azoth only and really dont give a shit for the outcome, because teams are imba, weapons imba, some run in min maxed gear and dominate 3v10 with GA/WH and wipe the floors and others aren’t even able to block or dodge, dont even have Faction Armor and all i see is randoms in a mode that needs coordination and some tactics.
No Fun. Just pointless.
As i’m not part of a large City Comp i have no chance partaking in war’s and the ow PvP zerging is lame as hell.

If i want fun and skillbased PvP i play chivalry.

I hope for some good PvE content in the Future and PvP is for those in guilds with 200+ members and thats it.
And If my Factions PvP companyiess are bad or instart suffering because of them in some way i give up.

Itembased PvP without any matchmaking and such is a way to have PvP im not interested in anymore.
Have fun grinding and then call your dominance skillfull.
Its OK, have fun dominating, but sorry i’m done and do other things regarding pvp

Tactic is, have better equip and use fotm meta.

Not for me, sorry

So never use life staff unless light armor. Wow thats incredibly boring and makes the game so linear and uncreative. I’m sure it will help speed up the rate at which this game is dying.

Outpost Rush is entirely pointless at the moment. Un-killable healer / hammer stand on the point and capture solo. Even worse when backed up by the horde of hammer great axe players. OPR is a totally dead waste of time.

No, you can use lightstaff with heavy armor, but you won’t be invulerable with it and heavy armor. There’s a difference… Kinda, - you can’t both eat the cookie and still have it left… You need to make a choice, can’t be good at everything…

You must not realise how massive a nerf you are proposing. 30% healing means 3.33x times less healing than 100%. That would be totally useless to have.

Well, it’s a suggestion to get some tactics ingame. And make ppl choose, currently there’s no tactics in game at all. Just Lifestaff and heavy and you’re set… Maybe 50% is enough, but there need to be some changes.

Forcing people into light armor is brainless.

What’s your logic behind that?

You think heavys should be able to heal as good as light? Making invulnerable tanks dashing out good damage AND heal as good as ppl in light who can’t take more than 1-2 hits?

Play as healer one day and revisit your idea.

Playing as a healer, both light and heavy… and there’s a huge difference. Using light armor right now is not an option, in heavy, you’re almost indestructable if you’re not alone against the zerg.

In light armor you’re dead after a few hits.

My logic comes from thinking of healers as clerics from D&D more than as priests in robes. I already deal out mediocre damage and have no real damage skills beside light and heavy attacks. Yes a healer in heavy should be an off tank type build. If they are going to wreck healing like you want because of your struggles and the game having bugs then we need a couple of heal skills to make the choices more difficult as a healer. One of the biggest issues is how easy the healing choices are. Tbhe tree makes them obvious.

I already accept that light gets a healing bonus in the next update, heavy does not deserve a nerf on top of that.

Well, I understand your point, but I don’t think the 20% is enough (open for that I could be wrong ofc), then something needs to be done with heavy mitigation.

Future will tell.

The problem becomes where the PvP balance ruins the PvE balance. That is where we are headed with a lot of the changes by the dev team. Really starting to think they dont play this game enough to see how hard it is to balance for both, especially when you seem to ignore what those changes do to the other side.