You guys are making it really hard for me to support this game through all the BS every patch. We lost WW due to a bug and I’m sure AGS will do nothing

So we lost windsward to the new lag version of war Amazon decided to patch into the game. Sat around not moving on points finished with a never ending load screen. It was hard for us to get it and it will be impossible to win back. Thanks amazing for ruining the game. Please roll back! Best part is after they took C about ten of us could never respawn the entire war. Such a joke. This game is turning into dog crap. Picture is what I stared out while green took advantage of a lag exploit and stole out city.

Server Kshia Sagara (I think can’t remember how it was spelled)

Due to the bug green has of course capitalized on the exploit and has almost the whole map. This is not only tuning the server into a ghost town, but ruining your game. You left tons of people in a company demotivated to play. Green is for milling the cities and not upgrading anything. We had upgraded this place and created a main source of crafting for the server. It’s going to ruin the game for me and everyone else and the worst part is they didn’t even fairly win it. I’ve been so patient through all the crap you guys messed up on and now it has cost us our city. What a joke Amazon. Do something……

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We lost a smaller town to the same BS yesterday. I can’t imagine losing a freaking capital. Part of my company straight uninstalled the game and I’m sitting here wondering why I’m still playing…

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