You guys just made OPR Unplayble with this patch

After the Patch today OPR is full of people Farming Shards and by that different kind of GS Players have been joining OPR Which is good and bad at the same time. The good side is that OPR is way faster now to full the lobby. The bad side tho is huge mage unending Ice Walls Void Root its just not ending Every lobby is full of either Mages and tanks Or Musketers and bow players like where is the balance at this point. I hope you guys think of a way to fix the unbalance thats going on the OPR lobbies because it became the most unfun part of the game Now!!!
Much Love <3

But according to another topic on here, WH/GA is the meta and are OP and should be nerfed…

i feel like every build is meta not just that and i think that they should balance this way more for it to become fun in every class

You named like 60% of the builds lol


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