You have been removed from army

Every single time. Get invited to port into an invasion/war and then get removed from the army 30 seconds later. This system - where a handful of large companies effectively gatekeep huge swaths of endgame content - is insanely broken.

There has got to be a more equitable method for war participation - in particular, I think putting players on a cooldown before they can participate in another battle is an effective solution. It forces powerful companies to think strategically about who fights in which battle, and allows for a more interesting warfare system overall as factions can attempt to time settlement wars during periods when they know certain players are on cooldown (effectively adding an intelligence component to the war system).

Regardless, something has to change here because it sucks right now. Wars are your main PvP attraction and right now only a handful of people get to play. Bad for the players, bad for the health of the game.


I actually just post the same thing on the spanish forum, I think this is absolutly broken. hahahah


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