You promised a light armor nerf. Why then does this one weaken melee combat?

You promised to change the meta to make light armor weaker. As a result, he became) but only for close combat. Why do we play cs 1.6 for a whole year??? and at least the next 3 months we will continue this fun?
All melee weapons received very significant nerfs, while removing 10% damage from the bow.
10 CARL!!!
1 Greataxe received more Debuffs per Patch than a Bow in 1 year.
Please take away their running speed/slow down their dodges in light armor/give more melee slows, anything.
Oh yes, and please record a video of how you catch up with an archer in close combat) I really want to look at your ingenuity. Just need to make you feel how fun it is to run after a person with +20% and somersaults that are faster than running.
Just remember light melee armor is not allowed because you killed it in this patch.


yeah opr is already borderline unplayable due to bows and they’re nerfing the one class that can actually stand a chance against them. If the only thing that counters your class is another person playing that class, your class needs to be nerfed into the ground

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But no) we have weakened the entire melee, and RDD 10%… I just don’t understand what they think.
The archers cried and strengthened them, and since then it is simply impossible to play.

They are trying to force people into medium armor and make light and heavy the fringe exceptions. I have told them not to do it but they dont listen. Players never respond well to forced gameplay, just carrot on a stick. Such approaches at design never end well.