You should not be able to be 2 or 3 shot by ranged weapons

It is unreal that I can be full con, full heavy armor, and still be 3 shot. I already don’t have the damage bonus of light damage and no real gap closers. Even if I do close the gap they just triple roll away.

Melee is seriously the best joke AGS has ever made.

Is this when people have full Mortal Empowerment stacks? Otherwise this shouldn’t happen.

I hope they remove mortal empowerment from ranged weapons honestly and I’m a musket player.

When I shoot a heavy with my nearly bis gear it barely tickles them. Over a dozen shots unless they’re headshots to kill a high-con heavy.

Try PvP perks …

if you dont have any resilient
you dont have any right to complain
no ranged can kill a full heavy/resilient player with 3 shots

With 5 resilient, 3 phys aversion, 2.5k armor and 200 con bows take 6-7 shots to kill me with 13k hp, all the while I have to block, dodge, use gap closers and he just needs to press shift and keep shooting. People asking for bow buffs are drunk. But hey, if at least one player has fun…

Oh, and if I reach him I barely manage to crit him for 1k with the sword if I run 300 str. Sure, I can crit him for over 3k with the WH but the stars need to align for that to happen

Why are you lying?

Unless u running around with 400gs armor there is no way you are getting 3 shot in heavy armor with 200 con or more.

I’ve been running sword/axe build with full light armor. No medium pieces. And i can still do just fine vs ranged.

Ofcourse if you have 5-6 ranged all landing hits in you at once you will die. But thats not unusual.

All weapons in a proper build deal 1500-2000 dmg on a light attack. If it’s ranged or melee and 3-4000 on a heavy attack.

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