You shouldn't be able to get Shards from Mutators if the last boss has been engaged - Get rid of Shard selling

I’m so tired of shard selling. Why is this allowed? It’s completely bypassing mutators. People don’t even have to buy ward gear, level it up, get gems etc. They just buy shards. Buying something that isn’t even tradeable. Boss is about to die, get into the group and get shards. You shouldn’t be able to join into a group if the final boss is engaged. They need to do away with shard selling.


Here we go again…


Devs already said multiple times before that shard selling is fair game. They will not do anything about it. If you do not like shard selling, do not participate in it & run mutations yourself.


Already another thread on this…

I stand by my opinion that the devs are just saying that because addressing the issue would mean more work for them. It sure seems like an exploit. A carry involves carrying someone through the dungeon, not inviting them when it’s already completed.

I also don’t give a shit if people sell shards. I’ll probably start doing it myself since I have no use for more shards and an inventory full of trash. nw has no other end game anyway besides the pvp AGS is flushing down the toilet.

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This exactly. Don’t allow someone to join mid fight of the boss when it’s at 1%


Everyone would just invite before the Boss starts. And only sell 2 slots. Dosnt change shit.

rules can change. legal doesnt mean its good/right

lobotomy was legal, gay marriage was illegal. rules are not bound to good/bad. it’s changing on how people think and realize

in this case they said ts okay cause they lazy to change this system
you know WoW also allowing boosting before they prohibited it

[The developer (Blizzard) is updating their policies in order to stop “organizations excessively advertising various non-traditional services in-game,” which includes boosting, matchmaking, and escrow.]

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I feel like you should only get a percentage of shards that you participated in the dungeon.


Just occured to me that you can swap out your whole squad in the middle of a boss fight but you can’t swap a weapon or piece of armor… kind of backwards if you ask me. Especially when they have us swapping entire loadouts 2 or 3 times in one dungeon with no gear management system.

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Okay we’ll use real world logic

When children want something & it’s not given often they tend to throw a tantrum until the parent gives in or reinforces they will not receive what they want.

If devs give in and outlaw shard selling it means they bent the knee which is the fastest & easiest way to stop hearing someone complaining & get some peace.

Shard selling does not effect you, it does not prevent you from playing the game nor does it grant someone else an advantage. It does speed up another players interest in playing a mode that is locked by PvE when it shouldn’t be.

AGS gave its answer. It’s not an answer some like. But the answer was given. If in the future they change from constant hounding they’re not changing because it’s a good argument or “Right thing to do” they’re changing it because they’re tired of hearing some complain endlessly no matter what is said, will not listen to anything that is said n its so much easier to just agree n make the whining stop.

So then.

How does another player gaining shards ruin your gameplay?:

  • RMT? → Is an actual issue that violates ToS that has nothing to do with Shards.
  • P2W? → No
  • P2A → Similarities

So really it doesn’t effect people’s gameplay. If a player buys shard carry with in game gold it’s fair game. If a player buys gold through an RMT website to then buy shards. Blame the RMT user. You blame the killer not the tool.

So, remove their biggest buyer.

  • Grant PvP equal rewards so pvpers (Who often buy) no longer have to rely on Shard carries to play the part of new world they actually want.

Because mutations are boring af and you’re helping some indonesian gold farmer put food on the table. Win-win for everyone.


well that’s the best point ive ever seen so far regarding shard sellers

oh ok tldr: you dont get what im saying

not about affecting people gameplays, its about hearing feedback and considering options which make everyone think this is fair

multiple war a day was allowed, but its changed cause of the feedback. and now it seems fair
regardless the war players dont want it to change doesnt it?

this is similiar case. gold seller oh sorry, shard seller dont want this to change cause they will have a hard time getting gold to buy food and pay bills. i mean food and tax in game not in real life

Shard selling is legitimate. If you want to ban shard selling which is a service maybe ban people who get coin for crafting stuff for others. As they shouldn’t be able to craft gear/weapons if they don’t actually farm the entire profession themselves.

I love selling shards. Thanks AGS for keeping ways to make coin.


Hi @McKnightrider

I see lots of people complaining about umbral selling and I’m confused about a few things, can you clarify please.

What’s your actual problem with umbral selling, like, what are the negative consequences to it and how does it affect people badly?

Some people say that “selling umbrals anrnt allowed” but ags have stated it’s fine.

Umbral shards are a resource in the game given to members of groups in dungeons. In the market place, supply and demand of these group slots are a marketable resource that people are willing to pay for. If seller and buyer agree to a price, what’s the problem here?

I’ve never sold umbrals because they r too precious to me (im building many sets of gear) but I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it. Thanks

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Is there a chance that some unaware players got unfarily kicked from the mutation to make run for the buyer?

Is there a chance that RMT is involved in this kind of services?

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Hi @caraota ,

Good points. Yes I’ve heard of cases where both buyers and sellers are “scammed” by being unfairly kicked or just never being payed for their hard work. This is very saddening when this happens, and is very unfair.

Currently,Anyone engaging with shard sellers and buyers are taking a risk. I’d love ags to make shards tradable and completely remove the risk, but I don’t think that will happen. Safest thing you can do as a seller is run with regular people who you trust. Safest thing you can do as a buyer is to repeat business with shard sellers you trust. Ppl who exploit others do so for the short term gain because in the long term, the reputations damage catches up to them. I hope ags has a more secure solution in the future , but as things currently stand, buyers and sellers seem largely willing to take the risk.

As for real money transactions, this is clearly against terms of service and should be treated like any other gold seller. Not allowed or encouraged, and anyone who does this should be aware of the risk they are taking, potentially facing a perminant ban.

From what I understand , you comment highlights current flaws in the method by which shards are sold, not flaws with the actual concept of selling shards as a valued resource. Do I nderstsnd you correctly?

Thanks or the question, happy to hear your thoughts

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i can assure you RMT is HEAVILY related to shard selling, just like WoW


It supports lazy war loggers playstyle. Like the only people I see buying shards are PvPers/warloggers who have way too much gold.