Your account Has connected from another game session

Same Here on SA server, beggining in the last update!

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Remove the easy cheat program that I installed before, the problem is solved

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I can no longer play. This has been happening since the rollback, but I was usually able to brute force it and eventually get in the game after 50 connection errors and 3 control alt deletes from a bugged ui, but it just gets worse and worse and after spending an hour in frustration just now, every time I did manage to get past connection errors, the ui was bugged and unplayable.

I can’t play the game now. The only way I can play is on a brand new character on a totally different server away from my friends and company. Lots of people probably have this issue and instead of posting about it, just quit silently in frustration. Your database is broken. I guess I’m done playing.


I get the same. it can take me up to 15 mins to actually log into the game. my US EAST coast level 2 character logs in 1st attempt every time, but my Europe main server take me multiple attempts and closing and opening the game to work. And even then a lot of the time the UI is not working when I log in ( hovering over item in inventory does not show anything, the menu at the top of screen only shows like 1cm of from the very top of screen.

and whats going on with my quest log / chat log UI here


Yes exact same thing. Hovering over an item doesn’t show anything and lots of other stuff. And that’s only after you get past 50 connection errors.

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I got the same. Issue reported both on live chat and on web ticket.

We all got this after the first roll back patch or something. Never had this issue before :confused: .

So with all my respect, you guys screwed something!

please dig deeper how to fix this on serverside …

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Same issue here.

Character Name: Zalyo
World: Jotunheim (EU Central)

As @morrowstars said, by bruteforcing I can login.
The errors I receive by clicking on Play the first 20-30 times before login are one of the following:

“Unable to establish connection with the server.”
“Could not connect to server: Login has expired. Please try again. (Status -120)”
“Your account has connected from another game session.”

Internet connection is obviously working.
Also the first time I enter the game after those errors I cannot open any game menu (for example Map with “M”, Journal with “J”, Character with “K”): the only way to browse the menus is by clicking on Enter.


Exactly same issue here.

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I’ve been having this problem as well for a week. Sometimes it disappears.

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@Cardan @DevonK @Chifrijo @Advanced_Caveman

Congratulate these great technicians, it seems to me that they are not there to fix bugs just create them. I won’t talk about connection errors like “can’t connect to server” or “you are connected to another session”.
When I want to enter the server it takes from 30 to even 1 hour. It seems to me that such errors should have the highest priority. But am I wrong? These “technicians” are one big bunch of losers and that’s it. You have so many bugs and instead of fixing them you add them.

So I have a question when it will be finally taken care of because the error with establishing a connection to the server has been going on for a good month and from what I see amazon just doesn’t care about players and does nothing about it. Now another bug which makes it impossible to play the game, specifically to enter the server. So I’ll ask who will reimburse me for money spent on a game I can’t even play?

I am generally a very calm person and understand a lot, at least I try to understand. But you guys are getting way out of line. How about refunding everyone’s money for the game? ( of course to those who want to) maybe then Jeff Bezos will look at you and your a job and then for sure everything will change
Every new patch I get a different error and the New world Suport and Technicians can’t help me but I have to fix it myself Because their answer is one “reset the router” as if they wrote me “I don’t care about”.


I have the same problem.

  • What is your character name in New World: Santog X
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Zanara
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: Attempt to log in.
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Support’s only recommendation for the login issues is to verify the game files in Steam. What? Really?! It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so infuriating.

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  • What is your character name in New World: Enkhiel
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Gaunes
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: Trying to select character

Error description:

  1. Either game tells “Your account Has connected from another game session” → Back to Main Menu
  2. If login successful, UI is buggy and laggy

Error since:
DB Rollback

Pastebin created but DM is is disabled again @Advanced_Caveman

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I’m having the exact same issue as the others have mentioned above and can no longer play New World it seems. Presentation is identical, either:

“Unable to establish connection with the server.”
“Could not connect to server: Login has expired. Please try again. (Status -120)”
“Your account has connected from another game session.”

And if I do manage to login (only managed it once), I cannot play the game; character can’t move, UI is buggy, ESC or the map doesn’t work. This seems to have started after the most recent rollback EU patch, but I have no idea of knowing this for sure or if it’s related at all.

Server: Runeberg (EU)
Character: Ariyen Arismea

Any assistance woud be vastly appreciated. Thank you.


When this problem wil be solved ?

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I am also having same issues on EU hades same errors, when i try multiple times i manage to be in game but “lag detected” and I can’t move.
I have contacted support with many solutions they provided nothing worked.
They said they will escalate it, nothing so far.

Network issues, Network team needs to realize too much security is blocking players from Connecting to the game, instead of fixing minor bugs take a look at what makes you lose player base.

This is so anoing. Check this guys when i try to log in on my character i got this stupid promt about connection isue. But when i create another character my connecion is fine and i can play on new character. But when i log out from this character than i just create and try to log in i got connection isue

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I would suggest to either you all contact support about these issues, or reply here with errors you are facing until we get this escalated to devs for a hotfix.

This issue is keeping a lot of players unable to login, since rollback a lot of issues appeared and the game is unplayable with characters frozen inside with (lag detected) issue or the mentioned above.

Same issue here EU Central (Asgard). First I have ‘Unable to establish connection with the server’ then ‘Your account has connected from another game session.’ When i just get to the game the menus are unusable. I have to spend about 20-30mns to play.

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Hello Everyone, I think I have tried every single fix online about this lag detected or connection errors everyone is getting and I have found that It is not your connection speed or bandwidth, the problem is with the game route they chose uncommon ports: clarification:

I have tried the following games:
1- WOW classic works fine
2- League of legends no issues
3- Valorant
4- Appex legends
5-Bless unleashed
6-PSO2 New genesis
7- Albion online ( even if US servers and I reside far away I still was able to connect all fine even with a high ping no connection issues)
8-dragon nest still high ping due far servers but no connection issues
9-Aion online perfect ping

So I tried to check something by recording these videos:
Here is a video opening New world normally without any third party software

I apologize for the quality my internet speed is really low as you can see.

Now here is a connection speed test without using any third party software

now here I am using a free VPN to test the route to the game note (this software can provide you with a route of UDP connection without the need of any TCP secure connection just to check if the ports are blocked which i am trying to connect to):

Now here is the speed test after using a vpn

as you can see even with lower speed , I was able to connect to the game successfully, and all the issues I faced and others faced as well were solved.

The lag of gameplay is not due the vpn, i am just using a third party software to record the whole screen instead of the game itself so it shows laggy, it was fine for me.
Those with high internet speed can use vpn with ease.

Final conclusion, If a single player was facing this issue we can identify this as an ISP issue with bad route, but since the majority of players are facing this issue then it is the server side blocking too many connections , or bad ports setup.

Please mark as a temporarily solution if this works for you, until we get a real fix from the devs.