"You're not level 60, so you don't count" (BS elitism)

If I had a coin for every time I have seen someone say this to another player, I would own my server.

I’m not sure exactly what level capping is supposed to mean to some of you, but the reality is that by level 10, you’re seen the basic pattern of this game’s design for PvE, and once you’ve flagged up in the open world, you can say the same for PvP.

Since you cannot participate in outpost rush or war before 60, it seems some players assume that if you’re not observed to be level 60, “you don’t count”.

Or worse, they infer “I’m higher level, so I’ve been here longer, so I know more and my opinion is more valid.”

BOTH are complete BS. The days of time = credibility of opinion never were; all one does by calling forth “veteran” status is self-identify as someone who has problems with understanding Theory Of Mind.

My current character is 39 and I get this comment directed at me, too. But my response usually makes the point:

Just because you can’t see all my titles does not mean I do not have them.

(IOW: If you can only process the possibilities you directly see, maybe consider the problem is your own perspective, because, well, that’s reality.)

So when someone offends your sense of status and “author-ah-tah” with a differing opinion, if you are as genuinely interested in the livelihood of the product offering as you claim, practice your willpower and refrain from the compulsion to point them to your totem pole / pecking order / status, eh?

So far as AGS is concerned, none of us are more credible than their staff until we’re damn near unanimous (and that, frankly, is a problem given that <1% of players bother with forums or “engaging” with AGS directly in any medium unless angry).

And time played has never been an indicator of authoritative credibility, only compulsive addiction… a yardstick unworthy of mention in any context, but oddly adored by a certain subset of the early adopter crowd.

You see, I don’t care if you peed on the doorway first. That was ages ago and it’s still just pee, when you get right to it. And peeing on something first doesn’t mean you’re better or more credible… particularly if/when they only reason you could do so was you were part of the group exploiting known issues for competitive advantage.

No matter how you look at it, people who claim superiority due to time invested are usually the absolute worst examples because even their time invested is an outlier… literally an edge case that renders them outside the boundary of “usual”.

Of course, that is the amusing part. They generally do not realize it. “I’m a veteran” = “I do not realize my status as an outlier refutes me far faster than my level does others.”

Final note - this post only applies to you if you think it does. Choose wisely. :wink:


Sounds like you aren’t 60

Didn’t read the post

One step closer that server OP


Sounds like you are a troll. Didn’t mind your avoidance of discussion. :wink:


Hah although I do agree it’s quite easy to judge the game by what you see earlier. Some things like PvP balance for example cannot be properly argued untill you hit cap.

Wars for example. Invasions. In general however allot of stuff doesn’t change allot from 39-60.

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My current character is 39


That is precisely the delusion. You captured it perfectly.

Now… can you explain why it is a delusion? If not, I will. :wink:

Haha in all seriously there is some truth behind it and some of it is overblown

It depends on what you’re talking about I guess and how it relates to the game at what levels

If you’re talking about questing at around level 40ish you’d mostly be correct and at around level 40 you’d have a fairly decent picture of how most stuff will kind of look at 60 but it doesn’t exactly pan out the finer details

Come back when you are level 60.
Then we will talk about this.


Perfect example. Well done.

Now, can you explain why it’s BS? I can. But I’ll see if you can first.

Seeing as by 39 you haven’t got access to the endgame gear. Your vision of balance can be vastly different than someone with Access. But I’m more than happy to be proven wrong

Here you are again discounting someones comments due to nothing but your own inability to see any opinion but your own.

Instead of writing this thread, that time could have been spent on getting to level 40.


Beautiful example of your assumptions causing you to miss what is being said. Now, can you explain why you’re incorrect? Or even point to what you’re missing that makes you incorrect?

Hmm. Not going to read all of that, but I’m happy for you, or sorry that happened.


Sorry, dictating my activities is irrelevant to the point being made. Can you understand the point?

huh not going to read a wall of text from 39lvl lul.

Yes, thank you for providing your evidence of your struggle with this matter. Anything else? I won’t bother asking you if you understand this since you clearly do not. :slight_smile:

Congratulations, you too get a place on the “Wall of Delusions”.

Well done!

Either of you, really.

The most amusing thing is sitting here watching people line up in real time to self-identify.

I was not replying to your post. I was replying to the person who discounted your post due to you only being level 39. That poster does this repeatedly to people they feel are beneath them. I am supporting you.