You're purposely waiting til February to address bugs balance n bots?


Why wait til your game is dead to fix the things killing your game?


These should be your top priority. Always.

Every patch. Every day at work. These are your #1 items. Because that’s how you keep a game alive, and your job existing.

Decisions like this are the reason I have never spent a dime more than the $40 I bought the game for. For context, my upper limit of a single game spending is $1000. I won’t go over that.

I rate the devs decision making ability at 40/1000.

LOL you actually think after all this time on inaction they will address bots, bugs, exploitation, and outright cheating?
We’re still waiting for proof of bans on players who cheated by wiggling their window for invincibility around Update 1.0.2.

And mass-reporting to auto-ban players has worked since beta. Apparently you don’t even need to say anything in chat to be banned by mass-reporting.

Im worried that if they spend feburary on just bots, then the game will be so Dry. There shoulda been a lot of content this month.

next few months of this game boutta be rough

just realized this is proof the game is still in alpha.

maybe february we move into beta.

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