Zergs are Ruining the Game

The problem with endgame content is nobody wants to do it, at least they don’t want to do it in the right intended way…

This post will NOT be favored with most of the community b/c they want quick easy loot. Zergs provide that… These changes should be done for the health of the game and grouping.

Most don’t want to run any of the elite areas in a 5man group b/c it takes too long and the rewards don’t justify the time investment. They would rather zerg chests or boss “farm” with that zerg.
This is probably the biggest issue with your endgame content.
I want to fight these bosses and challenge these elite areas but I prefer to do it the way you intended it. However, I expect to be better rewarded than people zerging which makes the content faceroll.

How to fix this…

  1. drop gear that is current WM level but NEVER increase WM when more than 10players are within X feet of a chest/boss. Lower likelyhood of a drop at all when more than 10 players are present. (why 10 b/c many of these places are quite overtuned and 10 feels just about right)
  2. Get rid of the shortcuts people are using to bypass content. The broken merchant stall in Myrk & the wall climbing in Eternal Pool, etc.
  3. LOCK BOSS CHESTS UNTIL THE BOSS IS KILLED! No more distracting a boss or messing with their AI or pathing and nabbing the loot. The boss/mini-boss MUST be defeated. A good example are those commanders in Myrk.
  4. Increase likelihood of WM+ drop when defeating boss/mini-boss.
  5. PORTALS. Small portals needs to drop shards and better loot. These should be tuned for around 5 to 10 players. Scale based on amount of players nearby. Same rules apply as above, if over 10 players within X distance or in the smoke area then no WM+ and less chance of loot.

Edit#1: Attempted Myrk with a party of 5. Later another group showed up so we had 10. The Commander mobs hit so hard we got wiped multiple times as the tank’s stamina will be broke and they are open to the insane damage these mobs do. The sad reality was we could not progress until a zerg showed up…FFS. By making the elites do more damage and have more HP you have just catered to the necessity of a zerg to complete this area…


Jumping puzzles are fun. Why remove even more fun? They have already removed places where you could jump up, in even low level areas, making them boring. I do not think removing all the fun things just to enforce people grouping to do content is an answer. Especially since on my server nobody is around to do anything.


Another problem with the zerg crap is the fact you collide with other players when a weapon is out. It’s so freaking dumb. Half the people can’t even get close enough to hit the mob. The player collision mechanic is pure idiocy in an mmo.

Also the “bosses” are dumb and not fun to fight.

Many many games have much more fun boss fights where you have to know the mechanics or u just wipe. This zerg fest in reekwater is dumb af.

I dislike the Zerg gameplay style but in reality that is all there is.

As far as efficiency to time invested, spending 2 hours a night to loot every chest in every elite zone makes exceedingly more sense than slowly grinding through the area’s in a small group, especially since other small groups are likely to be doing the same thing in your area (since only like 3 bosses are worth killing once you have 590 HWM) which turns you into a zerg again camping 1 boss.

None of the bosses are unique or enjoyable to fight, they are all just stand in healing circle and left click until dead. ON TOP of that, they decided to nerf players who were doing 5 man groups by blocking paths off.

Before I used to enjoy farming Myrk priests. You would bounce between two bosses in a 5 man party, it was fun enough and you could grind some wm. Now they made it so you can’t do that anymore, you need to clear a bunch of trash and a portal between both priests and all the mobs are insantly overtuned.

Pools Sucks to do as a 5 man
Sirens is okay to do as a 5 man (which means there are so many 5 man groups doing Sirens that it itself turns into a zerg)
Myrk just sucks in general now
Scorced Mines is basically solo content.

Everything below those will not give you HWM drops and are basically pointless unless you are farming a specific drop from Mangled or Molten Cores from Caminus (which you get just as many in the zerg anyway)

How to fix the chest zergs is easy - Improve watermarking through expeditions and delete the chests and make the monsters drop the loot, revert the monster hp scaling that was implemented. Make it so monsters only drop 5 loot bags to the top 5 damage dealers. Instantly makes zergs not the way to go.

Terrible idea. How about healers? How about those on add control? How some other group of ranged DPS sitting safe on a wall stealing your boss kills?

Expeditions, that I agree with.

I mean the easy answer is only bring a group of 5 to any PVE, isn’t most PVE tuned to 5 players?. Also there’s ways to share loots to team members.

You sharing me a drop doesn’t increase my WM though.

Also it’s open world and as I said above there are 3 bosses worth killing to raise your HWM up past 590.

What you would end up with is exactly what you are trying to avoid. A Zerg of players all sitting in front of a boss waiting for it to spawn to burn it down in hopes of being top DPS and getting a drop.

What they could do is make any elite zone (Mangled, Caminus, Scorpius, Pools, Siren, SM, Myrk, Imperial Palace) all have equal chance to drop the same watermarked gear. This would help spead out the player base. Getting all 500-510 WM items from Mangled just makes me not want to run Mangled (for example)

Still does nothing to combat the zerg however.

What’s stopping some random from coming in and overtaking your tank/healer?
Seems like a surefire way to never have a healer or tank again (good luck to any pure dps on those portal bosses)

If zerging is to be solved - the elite PoI need to be instanced and require 0 orbs. Revert HP buffs on elites and call it a day. That way you eliminate both zergs and solo runners who cheese elite chests (or at least make it harder)

What? Your post is proof of abuse. Bypassing combat areas to skip to a boss (myrk) I’m sure was NOT intended by the developers, then waiting on boss respawn to keep killing for easy WM+ also not intended. Since chests are 20hours or so to refill, bosses/mini-bosses loot should be the same.

However, I want to see bosses/mini-bosses drop WM+ and a decent amount of gear (akin to a elite chest).

Note: jumping puzzles are fun and the player jump should be a bit higher so this can be utilized more/better. There’s a place for things like that, it’s not to bypass content to “farm” though…

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Problem is they are taking anti jump measures to extremes removing fun. You used to be able to assault this tower from where the silly new goofy looking thing is now blocking the climb. I should note you don’t really skip any real mobs on this tower by climbing, except for 2 trash mobs on the front stairs. However now you do not even have the option. Just one of many places in the game they took it to far removing fun for no real reason.

Would be good to have bosses instanced for sure. Of course if that route is desired there’s little reason to run laz i’d imagine.

It seems you’re pointing out an issue of extremely limited selection of watermarking 590+. I can’t comment on that as i’m still in the low 500s myself.

If that were done flagging for the luck and increased risk would be moot and the same rules would apply for dungeons where PVP bonuses don’t apply as it should be.
I already solved the solo running cheesers, lock the chest until boss/mini-boss is killed.
Agree on revert buff for those areas.


Only way to get a group for the main end game elite areas is to participate in either a pve zerg of all factions or pvp zerg of your faction.
Very rarely do people want to run these areas, especially if it’s only a 5 man.

Please address this is in patch soon…

Well, I agree. On Styx we have someone, that is organizing elite zergs every day and they are very well visited.

Since then, you barely find a group to the the content in a funny war… :frowning: So even the rest of us is forced to joins this Zerg, because its “effective”…

Its one hour daily, that doesnt feel like “playing a game”, its “work you have to do” and everyone is watching films and so on…

But well, some ppl might enjoy it and its pretty hard to stop Zergs… If you have a med-high pop server, a lot of ppl want to finish the elite areas and what happens, if you highly reduce the rewards and 4 groups did plan to do it at the same time, without knowing from each other?^^

yes more force to players to play the game the way you feel it right not the way they enjoy it :smiley: I mean i don’ enjoy the zerg but who am I to tell them they are doing it wrong it or not. and tbf why waste 10min killing a Commander with no drops or stupid green drop ?

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I can, objectively, agree that the zerging isnt a really fulfilling mechanic.

I think that having bosses be dead before it can be looted is a good mechanic.

But moving the drops to the mobs in general isnt a bad idea either. You could move elite-chest content to the bosses and the smaller chests to the ordinary mobs. Balance drops as needed, and if you feel like it, add a timer/diminshing return if killed quickly in sequence for the bosses.

As for what happens where there is many people there, just have the party that has the aggro at the end win the loot. If you encounter another party already fighting the boss, you either move on or try to “take it” from them. And if both parties are PVP-flagged and in different factions, there is a third option…

This would obviously mean you need to balance it around 5 man teams. Or allow larger parties/warbands to count as loot-takers for any boss which is tuned for more than that.

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We have done it with a party of 5. We did it before the commanders had a HP buff and after they had an HP buff. Was painful both ways.

The rest of your post is not feasable. Why? Because the whole place is not instanced. It is open world. You can’t control when other people show up. If you did, it would be called an instance, aka a dungeon/expedition.

When we did this 5 man pre and post 1.1 patch, it would take us at least 2 hours to clear Myrk. Now, we can do mines and myrk in 75 minutes and kill everything that moves with a group of 40. Do we get worse loot than when we did it with 5? Yeah, but not that much.

What you left out was the corruption portals. Doing a 65 corruption portal that has waves with 5 mans . . . that is the real challenge. That is the point where you want to uninstall and find whoever coded it, go back in time and have their father get a vasectomy before the coder was conceived.


There’s no reason to get rid of zergs, if you don’t like it simply don’t join one? Set a random time for you and 4 other friends to run them when no one else is. Quit trying to tell people how to play in an mmo.